Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Been a while

I love blogging but sometimes just get too busy. Just wanted to do a quick update.

1. I got 91% in Business English and am so glad to be finished!
2. I have a keyboarding test in the new year that I am nervous. I am not a very good typer.
3. I have hardly had the chance to do any reading except with the kids.
4. Obviously Adam has not either as he is still reading that book right there ---->
5. We bought the kids an airhockey table for Christmas which has been a great hit!!!
6. We are bringing in the new year with my sister and family and I am really looking forward to it!
7. We had a wonderful Christmas time and we were blessed and felt the love of God through our family and friends.
8. Adam and the kids bought me a family ring this Christmas. It is something I have always wanted and it is beautiful.
9. New courses start soon!
10. Joshua's birthday is coming up soon!!! He will be 8!

That is it for now. Pics to come.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby its cold outside!

Isn't it??? Yikes! The kids even got to stay in at school. It is a little like frost bite weather out there so I was so glad to hear that they did get to stay in. It is about time to post this song. I love this time of year more than all the rest and I love the feel of the house near Christmas. It is so warm and cozy in here. I am a huge winter fan!

Studying for my English final tonight. I can't believe that I will be all done and able to think about other things, like all the Christmas baking I would love to do with the kids, Christmas crafts, and reading! I just read this one to them in the last two nights...

And of course it was awesome! I loved it anyway. Then Adam found out that there was a TV movie made years ago and found it. The kids watched that tonight. What a treat! It was great. I didn't get to watch the movie because I was studying but the kids said it was awesome! After my exam tomorrow I will update with some picture and stuff that has been going on. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful time in the cold and blustery weather!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I can't believe that we are all grown up!

I was looking at this picture of Adam and me when we were ready to go out to Adam's Employee Recognition Dinner. All I could think was, since when did we grow up? We look like adults! This is strange, sometimes I still think we are 18 and 27. But I guess in the past 10 years, we kind of grew up. What a great night this was!

Our Tiny Christmas Tree

We have not had a Christmas tree in years! We decided quite a while ago to make our center piece of Christmas the beautiful Willow Tree Nativity set that we purchased. Last year Annabelle was so in love with Christmas trees and was starting to feel pretty sad that we didn't have one. She asked a few times if maybe we could have a tree when she is bigger. I would just tell her, probably not.

By the end of the season, Adam's big brother had had enough and (I think, just to frustrate us) didn't ask but went and bought Annabelle a tiny tree and then brought it over and gave it to her. She was excited and finally satisfied. She didn't need something large and it didn't have to be the greatest and grandest part of Christmas. She didn't want to replace what we had, she just wanted something she could decorate and look at. I think Adam's bro might have been a little surprised that we didn't mind and were quite happy about it.

Annabelle went out with my mom this year and they bought some cute little ornaments for her new tree and then Annabelle chose some of our smaller ornaments from our box and decorated it herself. It is pretty hey? And stands about two feet tall.


Here the kids are helping fix up the wreath. It always needs a few more berries attached to make it right. They fall off each year because of the door opening and closing.

The wreath is something we made a few years ago. It is a reminder of the great sacrifice God made when sending Jesus, as our saviour, to this world. We try to talk to the children often of, not just the wonderful gift that Christ was, but of how the Christmas story relates to the Easter story. This is a symbol of the crown of thorns with Christ's blood on it.

To think that God, knowing of the way that people would treat Christ and then eventually that He would die for we who are so unworthy, would choose this plan baffles my mind! I know that He had to do this so that we could have redemption but it still just amazes me that this was the plan He chose; that He preferred us saved! So at Christmas I don't only want to remember the beautiful child, laying in the manger; I want to remember the purpose God had in sending Him.

Here the kids are modelling beside the freshly hung wreath. I love it. It was cold out that day so they look as if they are just about to pray. Cute. Blessings on the start of the advent count down and the joys of the "feeling of Christmas" in the air. I can't believe it is snowing so much out there! I hope it continues!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

And the days march on

I am just getting into the Christmas spirit and have almost finished my Christmas shopping! I am so excited to start all the great traditions of the season.

To start off the reading (which happens to be about my favourite thing to do with the kids during this season), I read this book. By the end I was choking back the tears. I wasn't too sure about it at first as it takes place in the future, but it ended up being just awesome. It takes place in a time in the future when Christmas and anything to do with Christ is outlawed. Then the main character comes across a drum and it is the drum of the little drummer boy. He finds the story of Jesus and wants to play the drum for Him. The passion in the boy is portrayed so well.
As the days go by I will write about the things we are doing to celebrate the birthday of the King. The one who deserves all glory! Hope the start of the holiday season has everyone in awe of the wonderful gift that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords has given!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All about Joel!

I am not totally MIA after all hey? I have been so busy with school and life that I have not had the chance to come on and share it with the world! So here goes a little bit.

First of all, Annabelle and Joel are sick. they either have seasonal flu or H1N1, not sure which. Fevers, cough, chills, runny nose, tired, headaches. Joel is pretty rough tonight but over all such a good sick kid. Throw on a good Christmas movie and all they need is Advil and water. . Annabelle is on the mend now. We will be staying home from church tomorrow to reduce the spread of this but Adam will be taking Joshua and that will be a great time for Joshua, just to be with Daddy on his own.

My baby turned 5 years old this week!!! He is so amazing. I love that boy more than I can even say. He has been such a blessing in my life. I had the honour of presenting his VIP presentation at school where I talk about his baby days and younger years, show pictures, go through his baby book, and bake cookies for the class! That last one is just something that I love to do, not
something that is part of the presentation. What a great time that was!

Joel- God is willing and Jehovah is Lord! When Adam and I first talked about children, Adam wanted 2. I wanted 4. I prayed that God would either take the desire away from me to have more or put the desire in Adam's heart to have more. After Annabelle was born, while we were still in the delivery room, Adam leaned over and said, "You're made for having babies, we should have another one!" I was overjoyed. We both prayed about it after Joel and felt that 3 was our family. We had such peace with that. We were absolutely decided on calling Joel, Joseph until about 2 weeks before he was born and we both felt that was not what God would have us name him. As we went through the name books trying to figure out the most meaningful name, Joel gave us both peace, it was right. We also had a girl name chosen in case. We didn't find out the gender of any of our children as we love surprises and what better surprise is that?

So, it was about 5am, on November 19th, when I felt the first contraction and excitedly got out of bed to start timing. Being the third baby, I figured I had better be ready. After the third contraction with them timing 10 then 9 then 8 minutes apart, I called our babysitters, Henny and Moriah. They were to the house in about 15 minutes to watch the older two kiddos. While I waited I called my awesome friend Christy who was coming to watch baby be born and be a support for me. I also called my parents.

Adam and I left our house at about 6am. Had to get coffee for Adam, that was a pretty early morning! While we were in the drive thru getting the coffee I knew that it was not going to be a long labor. Adam hurried us off to the hospital where they checked me and found I was in active labor- over 4 cm dilated- so I was aloud to stick around. About 6:30 I walked the halls of the hospital supported during contrations by Christy and Adam. After about 15 minute I couldn't do that anymore and by 7:29 Joel was born. It was the most relaxed and peaceful labor I ever could imagine. I remember everything, had no medication, was alert and excited and the baby was born healthy and strong.

From that point on I was bonded to Joel. He is my third, just as I am the third in my family and Adam is the third child in his. Joel is a wonderful mix of Adam and I.

This year my baby started school. He loves it!!! He is learning well and making great friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I love the school the kids go to! They will be with the same group of friends till the day they graduate!

Joel is a love. He loves cuddles and kisses. He is also a talker and has a great sense of humour! This summer Joel asked the Lord into his heart and he definitely understands what that means. I am so thankful! When he grows up he wants to be a worker (carpenter) or a tractor driver.

Joel chose 6 boys he wanted to come over for his birthday and he had a wonderful time with them. I still can't believe that I am 28 years old with kids, 5, 6 and 7 years old. Time is flying by and I am just trying to enjoy every wind that blows! I am learning what it means to cherish one another and to take time out for "moments" of love that will last a lifetime. Letting the rougher moments pass without breaking me and letting the great moments remain in my thoughts and heart. I am feeling pretty great about letting each season slip away and embracing the next and I feel blessed that God has given me each season to remember.

I feel as though a chapter has closed. I have no more babies, but now growing warriors in the kingdom of God. Lady and men who are being equipped to fight every battle and they are enjoying every minute of it.

My dream for Joel is that he grows strong spiritually and that he understands the "race" he is running and runs with all his heart!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Days Of Elijah

Robin Mark performing Days of Elijah in the REM Lee Theater. I had to tape this video for Annabelle who has always loved this song, especially the "There's No God Like Jehovah" part. I had the opportunity to thank Robin for his music after. I also got his permission to post this video in case you were wondering. :>)
I also thanked the bass player. He had such an original style and I really enjoyed watching him play.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Life got a little out of focus as we have had so much going on. I was so discouraged the other day because I had done poorly on my English test, I have got a cold, there has been so much going on that I can hardly keep things straight, I still have not actually received my student loan that the Lord has blessed me with and we have been needing it badly, etc. Then today we woke up to our back tires in the van being slashed.

The Lord started speaking to me about some stuff this week starting at home group. He was impressing upon my heart the need to sit at His feet and just be with Him. I have been busy to the point that I have to fit my times with God into moments during dishes or while watching the kids swim or any other activity that allows me to give Him half my attention. I was realizing more clearly what I was doing. That I have been taking little to no time just to sit at His feet. I started to realize again my need to write things down so I can let them out of my mind and just focus on God. We talked about Mary and Martha and how Martha was not doing anything wrong but she was given a great opportunity to sit with the Lord and she chose the lesser things. And on top of it, had a bad attitude about it. We actually need to make the time to sit at the feet of the Lord and then get back to the other things. Prefer the best thing.

My English test came back today marked and with all my sentence answers my mark went up to 86% and I was so relieved. It is not fabulous but much better than the 66% that was showing before the teacher had the chance to mark the rest.

Today my cold was much less intense and I was feeling more clear.

The kids were wonderful in Sunday school which is always a treat and a blessing! And I spoke about Jim Elliot who is one man who always reminds me of the verse in Genesis that says
"As for you, ye devised against me evil--God devised it for good, in order to do as at this day, to keep alive a numerous people".

The tires will get dealt with tomorrow and God reminded me so quickly that in 8 years of living in this neighbourhood we have never been the recipients of any vandalism! We have been very blessed! And this is minor in the big scheme of things.

Tomorrow I will be trying to make it a point to sit at the feet of God and really find myself in Him every single day at some point. He is the only thing that gets us through some days and He is so good to us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here is a little something to start things off

I found this little gem over at my friend Jen's blog. She is awesome and I thought that maybe I would try this out and see if it can sound at least a little bit as interesting as Jen's sounded. Here goes...

20 years ago:
1. I was the tallest kid in my grade 3 class.
2. I started drinking coffee... YIKES! That might have been 19 years ago, not entirely sure.
3. I wore Sprinter brand runners and was bugged relentlessly about the yellow glue showing on the outside. Hard memories.

10 years ago:
1. I started dating the man of my dreams (yes that is Adam) and fell in love. I knew I would marry him and that he was God's gift to this woman before that year ended.
2. I accomplished the great feat of graduating from high school!
3. I had dreams of being a mom and a wonderful godly wife and wondered if God would ever let me have those dreams because I had made so many mistakes (Yes I actually thought this and can remember it so clearly).

5 years ago:
1. I heard the great news that I was cancer free and was left with enough cervix to carry a child. About 9.5 months later, I gave birth to Joel.
2. I lost my grandmother.
3. I gained a beautiful baby boy nephew, Eric, who I had the privilege to see come into the world. I love that boy!

3 years ago:
1. I was still nursing Joel.
2. I was already starting to prepare myself for my oldest, Joshua starting Kindergarten.
3. I started thinking about taking some school myself.

1 year ago:
1. Life started to blur... so much going on and not enough time!
2. I brought my Annabelle to her first day of kindergarten.
3. We stopped driving our van and bought a car that has since left our hands and we are back in a van... we really got to feel why we need a minivan.

So far this year:
1. I took my little man Joel for his first day of Kindergarten and realized how quickly life has moved into a completely different season!
2. I started school (so exciting) and am enjoying almost every minute of it. Right now I should be writing a test.
3. I have made many new friends and have realized how wonderful it is to have many woman in my life to share with, be with and care for.

Yesterday I:
1. Fell asleep while watching a movie with Adam about the conspiracy of the moon landing. Very interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me awake.
2. Cooked a huge pot of fish chowder with Adam. It was very enjoyable and tasted awesome!
3. Talked a crazy amount on the phone with my wonderful sisters... it was a great day.

Today I:
1. Got a call about my student loan and they say that Adam has to sign a paper to allow them to deposit the money into his account, although it is in fact joint and has my name on the void check I gave. Strange, but okay, I will do it.
2. Have my Unit 3 exam in English. Praying for a clear mind!
3. Will pick the kids up from school, walk to the pool to watch swim lessons, heat up left over chowder, eat and go to home group, all while keeping in mind... tomorrow will be slower!

Tomorrow I:
1. Will walk with the kids to the skating rink and skate with them.
2. Clean my house so I don't have to Friday when I am having a few girls over.
3. Will start preparing for my course starting on Monday.

In the next year I:
1. Will finish my schooling for now and have an Office Assistant Certificate.
2. Hope to find a job I love using the skill I have acquired.
3. Will continue to support my children and my husband in school, work, walking out their faith, and growing in every way.

Well, that was truly enjoyable to write. Hope you enjoy reading it. Have a lovely day all. Off to write my test!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello blogging world.

I looked at Chris's post on his blog and thought, boy is that ever true!!! Nobody seems to be blogging anymore and really the only thing I am enjoying about facebook these days is party plans and bejeweled, which I spend way too much time on. I will want to say hi to my friends once in a while so I will check in there but I am going to start up blogging again. I really love it. I love writing the blogs and reading them. I feel like the last year has been sad on here and I want to make this what it was originally, a place for us to share... anything. And a place to show off our beauties. So, I am hereby welcoming myself back and saying hi to one and all blogger out there! Please come back and visit again! Thanks every one of you!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Days of Elijah!!

No one sings this song like Robin Mark. I love his ending doxology! I am so excited that Char and I have tickets to his concert November 5th!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Day Off!

What an awesome way to finish my days off! Chayo netted my 14 pound Coho for me, we caught the tale end of my church's prayer meeting as I was showing Chayo where my church is (the Copper Mountain School gymnasium) then stayed up talking till midnight.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Once in a lifetime!

Although I have never cared to see the Stanley cup before we couldn't pass up the chance to see it while it was in Terrace. I mean, really how often does that happen?! The kids thought it was really cool. I thought it was pretty cool as well! Not your average trophy for sure!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today I was driving along and this song came on the radio. It was like the Lord was speaking straight to my heart. My experience is different from what she speaks of in the song. But when all the walls crash down and I feel like giving up on whatever this is what God reminded me of. We must suffer. When we do we learn what it feels to be held in the great, mighty, and loving arms of our God. Even us who have given our lives to Him, have to taste bitterness in this life. I felt the loving arms of my Father holding me today as I drove, and I cried.

I continue to hear Jesus wisper to me, "You are safe in my arms. You have not failed me. I will not let you go, no matter what, no matter what! You are my daughter and a beautiful woman after my own heart. You have been made acceptable in my sight. I love you daughter. Keep going forward. Don't give up." And I continue... Held.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

I was on my home to work yesterday and this song came up on my Ipod. Instantly knew I had to post it on my blog. Everytime I hear this song I have the thought "Where Will You Be When Your World Stops Turning?" This song is a great reminder to ask yourself like a line in the song says, "Look at yourself and what really matters." I hate to quote my friend Sam twice , two days in a row but he's right when he said, "If we don't preach Christ crucified we are sending people to hell!"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Terrace Is Hockeville Dream Coming True!

Well I'm feeling pretty blessed! We both didn't enter the first public draw for 50 tickets in early August. Charlene put in 5 ballots and won 1 out of 100 of the public draw tickets on Aug. 25th. I put in more ballots and won the 62nd of 63 last chance tickets drawn on Sept. 7th. So out of 213 ballots draw for the public Charlene and I are going to Hockeyville! When Charlene went to get her ticket she was told we could pick tickets sitting together if we both came in together so I raced there and it's a go!!!

Some Days Are Cooler Than Others

I went out fishing yesterday with a co-worker, Norm. No fish but at my return Charlene told me I was phoned and won a Hockeyville ticket!!! The Canucks will be playing a pre-season game in our Terrace arena on September 14th! Both Charlene and I won tickets but I think we'll be sitting apart.
What an absolutely blessed day as a neighbor also gave me a 4 month old digital water cooler (Probably about $200) that they weren't using.
I shall post a picture of the tickets later when we get them. Woo-hoot!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Springs (aka Chinooks) 2009

I had a truly blessed fishing season and I wanted to make a photoslide showing my fish and the people I was blessed to fish with. Terrace, BC was voted Hockeyville last year but to me it's truly Fishingville!!! God bless! (Thought I'd post this video for any blog readers who aren't on my Facebook. It's on YouTube as well.)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

BC Speak Now Or Forever Lose Your Fish!!!

Ever wondered about fish farms? Check out this informative video then please go sign the petition at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cEkxX3p3MGFBbWNVVGNVU3lxQnBwQmc6MA..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Christ Alone

Back to work. Started back last week. One thing I truly missed was the walks to work and the time to listen to things on my Ipod. This song played on my way to work. Very powerful. Make sure they play it at my funeral babe. (God willing, years down the road. :>) )

Saturday, August 01, 2009

10 years of love!

Well, this day, or rather the long weekend starting August, marks the day of Adam's and my very first date. What a wonderful night it was. We went for coffee and walked the bridge to watch the fireworks together. I know I was so nervous as I always hated being on the bridge but I tried not to let him know. We were enjoying our time together so much that we went out for coffee after and talked for hours.

By the end of that night I knew that I would marry Adam. I was so glad that I finally called him back after all his perseverance.

One year later, Adam proposed and 6 months after that we were married. I am so glad he never gave up on me. I love you Adam. I thought that this song just says how I feel so well. Thanks for the last 10 years and so many more to come. You're still the one I love.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This poor blog

I know I know, our blog is really lacking. I am going to try to catch up in the days to come. So much fishing, camping and relaxing going on that I can hardly find time to do much else! Hope everyone is very well!

Who is that sexy fisherman???

Oh, that is my awesome hubby bringing home the bacon again, or should I say fishy!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

God Of This City- Terrace, BC

I was blown away by this song while at a GTT in Prince George with my honey. I put it to pictures taken around Terrace. Originally sung by Bluetree it is performed by Chris Tomlin in this version. Check out the story behind the song on YouTube told by Bluetree! God bless especially you my fellow Terracites!! (ha! ha! is that right?)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

So what do ya think about that?

Yet another fish caught on my rod, pulled in by Adam! Ha ha. This time I grabbed the rod to reel it in and just couldn't do much! This fish was pulling like it weighed a ton! Crazy!!! One lady was convinced a seal had got snagged. But my strong and handsome hubby asked if he could help so I thankfully handed over the rod to a more capable fisherman. He pulled it in with much struggle. It was a fighter. And the end result, Adam's record size fish!!! Yippee. It was 36lbs! So, we have some good salmon if anyone needs a little to add to their meal plans for this week. We usually freeze most of it, but we can spare some. Let me know!

Just after Adam took over the line.

And the fish is almost tired out.
I had to help the fish up so as not to snap the line.
And although Adam had a migraine headache, he was able to pose for a shot with his baby.
And the proud babies by his side. I love Joshua's look.


Our first keepable spring salmon of the year!!! Adam had our lines set. I got a jingle so I pulled mine in but it was just a quick hit and was gone. So Adam was setting up my line again while I talked to some guy with a puppy right beside. Adam finished and started chatting as well. Then the man said, "That line is really going!" And Adam turned. He was closest to the line, although it was my rod so he grabbed it. He asked if I wanted to reel it in but it looked kinda big so I told him to keep it. I am so brave hey?! haha. Sure enough, a quick 5 minute fight with this baby and he was in... 34 lbs. It was fun to watch Adam catch it and of course, we have the fishing fever now more than ever! Congrats Adam. We should seriously get some vaccuum seal bags today for the next one! YAY!

How awesome is that?!
Kids were pleased as punch as we had just dropped in our lines about 10 minutes before the fish was on!
Handsome guy with a tasty fish!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Annabelle's Kindergarten Graduation...

Today was the last day of school for my beauty. I am so proud of her.

Annabelle has done so well this year and has really advanced herself. This year she made many great friends who will be going to school with her all through till grade 12. She also asked her Lord and Savior to be a part of her life this year and I am so glad for that.

Annabelle had a big year, a fun year and a year that she will probably never forget. I am so proud of her. Here are a few pics from her graduation celebration. They loaded up backwards. Oh well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The God Of This City!

Charlene and I had a great time at the GTT (Geographical Training Time) in Prince George last weekend. We sang this song a lot which summarizes the main theme of the conference to me: Christians living out their gospel centered lives to actually affect the rest of mankind. Not the Jacuzzi Christianity or Vampire Christianity (only using Jesus for his blood) that we often see lived out. If you go to my church I strongly suggest you get the CD set of the sermons. Awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Much better now. The prayers and medicine and liquid have done the trick. She is still not eating a lot but she is at least eating. She is not in pain from hunger anymore so I am very thankful. Thanks to Jenny and any others who prayed for Anna.

Why doesn't she just tell me???

It has been days since Annabelle has eaten anything substantial. I have been trying to get her to eat but she keeps choking and having to spit out her food. It has been so frustrating.

Yesterday she woke up with a headache and her legs were aching and she couldn't eat at all. I was getting so frustrated and then I asked her, "Well, does your throat hurt or something???" And sure enough, of course it did. But she went 3 days without informing me of this She was getting mighty hungry by this point.

Annabelle wanted to go to school but I got an appointment with the doc for about an hour later so I went and picked her up. Took her into the doctor and was relieved to hear that she just had a throat infection. Her throat was soar and swollen. That explains the choking on the food and having to spit it out. He said to just make sure she is drinking lots. Okay, I can do that, she has no problem drinking. I asked about the legs and head hurting and he said it is probably just that she is achy from the infection being in her system for quite a while already and to just have her rest. She is home from school today. I was going to send her but because she hadn't eaten in so long, she was very weak when she got up today. So weak she could hardly walk.

Annabelle has always had a little pop belly which I love to bits. It is now gone. She can't stand to loose a whole lot of weight as she is only 40 pounds and that is low for her age as it is. At breakfast this morning I thought that it would be a good idea to get a little food into her so I made her about 3 tablespoons of rice krispies (her favorite). She ate about 1 tablespoon worth and then she puked it all up. I asked her why she puked and she said that she choked and then it made her throw up. I felt so bad for her. All that was in her tummy was a little milk, that small amount of cereal and her medicine.

Why didn't she just tell me earlier?! She hates taking medicine. She hates it enough to say she is not sick when her fever is 40 degrees just to get out of taking Tylenol. Yes, the yummy chewable kids ones!!! Well, today for lunch she managed to get a banana into her tummy. I am so glad. She is not so achy now. And she has been drinking a lot today so I think she is on the mend. We have been praying much for her so she will be better soon. When you think about Annabelle today, please say a little pray for healing for her throat. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Library and school

I headed to the library today with Joel which is always enjoyable. I wanted to mention to anyone who would like to check it out that there is a book sale going on. I picked up quite a few great kids books for my beauties for $3.00. Can't beat that price.

Joel got a letter today from his, soon to be kindergarten teacher. For anyone who wanted to sign their kids up to the 2009/2010 year of school they are having a special day for all the new kindergarten students coming up mid June so register soon so your kids can be a part. It is just one hour in the classroom to meet the teacher, have a snack, hear a story and play centers. I loved it with my other kids. It really gets them used to the idea of being in the school.

Okay, not feeling so well today so I am going to go and try to get rid of this headache. I don't get them very often so it makes me feel pretty bad. Hope everyone is having a marvelous day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Faith like Potatoes

Anyone heard of it? Adam and I rented this new movie, Faith Like Potatoes last night and it was a really good one! I was pretty impressed by it. Only complaint was we had to turn on the English subtitles for some of it as the music seemed a bit loud and so the accents were hard to make out but that could be just for us. The acting was really great to the most part and the story is just awesome!

This story is based on a true story about a Scottish farmer in Zambia who relocates with his family to South Africa. They start from scratch to build up their farm. When you are done, watch the documentary. It is incredibly accurate to the man's story. This is a christian story line so when I looked at the comments from people, they either loved it or hated it. Anyone who commented who didn't seem to be christian seemed offended at the amount of God in the story. Everyone else loved it!

If you are heading down to the video store to rent a movie, think of picking this one up. It is worth the watch for sure!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A moment to spare

This week has been crazy busy!!! I had too many kids here but was watching a couple extras as their babysitter was out of town. It was okay but I was so worn out by last night that I fell asleep in the bath at about 11pm!!! God up this morning and it was a day of soccer. I think that there is not much cuter than seeing a bunch of 5-7 year olds playing soccer. They are so sweet and try so hard. Here is Joshua's team... he is next to the colourful goalie. He is doing so well and really likes his team and coach.

Annabelle proudly sporting her green timbits uniform. She is loving it even though she thought she wouldn't and she is doing really well and learning lots.
We went out last night fishing. Didn't catch anything but had a great time with family having a wiener roast and goodies by the fire. The kids always love playing in the sand and rocks. It was great. It makes me excited for the rest of summer and fall!
Adam and I just finished watching "Laugh your way to a Better Marriage" together. It was great. Very good stuff. And it was definitely great to have the comedy to break up the serious stuff!
Looks like it might be a beautiful day and the kids are begging to go to the park so I think that I better get some lunch on the go. Hope everyone is doing well. God bless!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was reading and listening to Psalm 137 tonight and thought of this song instantly. Great song! Good thing they don't try to add the last verse into the song, that would be sad. lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still on night shift

Man do I get lonely when my love works the night hours. We had a wonderful day today, Adam slept and I visited my mom and then she watched the kids so Adam and I could go out fishing together. What a treat! It was cold and rainy but I don't mind as long as we are together out there. It was nice having all that time to talk. Headed for home, cleaned up and then my mom, Aunt Josephine, her hubby, and my Uncle and Grandfather all came over for a few hours. I made cookies and coffee and we had cake and chips and visited till now. I am tired!

Tomorrow I am teaching in Sunday school. I am excited about it although I didn't have a huge amount of time to plan it. I think it will be great anyway. I am going to talk about attitude. It should be good. I think we will have good discussion. I hope!

Been really slacking on my Tupperware stuff. I have been putting in parties but not working very hard at anything.

Got signed up to a course at the college for fall and I was actually accepted! I am so happy about it! It is an office technology course and I will be doing it correspondence mostly. That way I can be with the kids when needed.

Can't believe that Joel starts school in the fall and Joshua will be in grade 2! They are growing so fast and getting more and more well behaved as time marches on. I love them so much! Tonight is Joshua's night for a sleep over with mommy and he is so excited about it. Adam is at work all night so it is prime time to have sleep overs.

Well, don't really know why I wrote this except that I am bored. Don't have much to say, I guess I am bored and a little boring! Hope everyone is having a great May long weekend, even with the rain. God bless!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A day in the life

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes, then I remember. The days pass with very little excitement most times. Very little that one could say means anything. But yet each day has more meaning than the last and each mundane task of life begins to make more and more sense. As I wake every morning to make my beautiful children a nourishing breakfast and pack them lunch, then sit down and have a cup of tea before spending the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and caring for mine, and others children till the night hours have arrived again, I think about how wonderful it is! How much a miracle every part is.

Joshua came to me tonight just to snuggle and be held by me and I thought about how blessed I am that my 7 and a half year old boy shows so much love and still receives love with open arms.

Adam is on night shift so I told Annabelle she could have a sleep over with me and she acts as if she has won the lottery, because to them, my love is the world. I can't believe it even as I am typing but it is true that I can make or break a day in their life by caring for them right or just brushing them off.

Yesterday we went to Joshua's soccer practise and I watched as Adam and Joel kicked the soccer ball around. I wished in that moment that Adam never was too busy or had other things to do than be with us. I saw Joel just light up in adoration to his father and I realized that his love is their world too.

All our children have strong faith in a God who never fails so I trust that when we do fail then they will know that they can always fall on Him who is higher than us all and find rest under His wings.

Some days aren't really fair and I feel sad and people don't always come through the way I so wish that they would so I am learning the true need to lean on God alone and to let the rest go.

I realize that though I do very little in the worlds eyes, my days are filled with great things that far surpass the greatness I could find in prestige or popularity. My days are filled with instilling the love of God into my children by my example. Adam and I are trying to take more time for us and I hope that the kids will experience a true example of Christ's love for His church through our lives together. I have been making special effort to try to plan some dates, no matter how little or big for Adam and I just to enjoy each other. It is far too easy when concentrating on kids to forget the love that made the children. It is time to get back to that but most of all, to focus on our First Love to teach us the way that love is meant to be.

Just a few rambling thoughts for the night. I miss you already Adam and you have only been gone an hour and a half. I love you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zippermouth Creek

Took a new buddy, co-worker, Norm out fishing yesterday. We went to Zippermouth Creek. On my first cast this baby bit my line. About 15 minutes to land, what fun!!! Took over 5 minutes for the fish to revive. What a glorious feeling holding such a majestic creature and feeling him slowly gain back his strength. I've always laughed at the idea of going out and catching and releasing but yesterday was one of my best fishing days. I went to another spot after and got into a large Dolly and a steelhead!!! Psalm 3:3 :>)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally finished!

I hadn't had as much time for reading so this one took me a little longer. It was a great read! Not one that I would read again mind you. I love Frank Peretti's books but I have to have long breaks between them on account of... they freak me out!

This one was not as scary as some can be as it was quite normal till about 3/4 of the way through. I am not going to say much but as anyone who has read Peretti knows, it has a lot of the spiritual side of life in it. And the story itself was very interesting and hooked me pretty good.

The main character in the story was an ex pastor and I was very pleased at how he was portrayed and how he works through his struggles with God and church throughout the book. Very encouraging fiction life to read.

I am on to reading The Dream Giver for parents. I am really enjoying it, should be done soon.

By the way, if Tamara happens to read this blog, the book that you recommended, did you get it from the library? Hoping I can check it out soon.

Hope everyone is very well and enjoying the April showers. Don't forget, they DO bring May flowers!

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Than A Friend- Jeremy Riddle

This may be one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Funny I don't remember putting it on my Ipod and it started playing on my walk to church. I love that Tim has played it at church since!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Smile of a Child

I have told a lot of people about this channel before and have thought many times of posting about it but never got around to it. Here is the link to this great 24 hours a day christian children's programming. It is wonderful! Sometimes the picture quality is not exceptional and sometimes there is no picture at all but when there is a picture the programming is great. Much better for the kids spirits than our much loved Kids CBC which, yes, our children watch often but I would rather this for sure!!! hope you all enjoy it. And it can be made full screen of course, just right click on the box.

Friday, April 03, 2009


I am so glad to report that the recovery from the surgery has been great. Today we took off the bandage and that went fine. We are supposed to take off the rest, I am not sure what it is called but I would say it is just like tape that acts like stitches, like butterfly stitches. Annabelle is very scared for this to come off. She doesn't want it at all. I feel so bad for her. Now she is walking funny because she doesn't want her dress to rub on the tape. She thinks it is going to hurt. It looks great though and I hope she will let me take the rest off soon. I don't want to push her too much as the rest of the whole surgery has been so possitive, I don't want to be the one who makes it hard. Again, I pray for peace for her.

One of my fave movies, and songs...

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I went to the eye doc today because early this year I was having some serious dizziness and the doctor recommended an eye exam. Turned out that the dizziness was all because I had an inner ear infection and soon cleared up. But I had already made the eye appointment and thought that I might as well get checked out.

When I was around 16 years old I was told by an optometrist that I needed reading glasses. I got them and then found that my sight seemed more strained with them than without. So I wore them off and on for a couple years and stopped. But I have kept them just in case. I took them in with me today and the eye doc said that this prescription is quite off for my eyes now, but she can't say if it was proper so many years ago. I went through all the different tests and I was noticing that my left eye sure doesn't focus as quickly and I had to really strain on a lot of the tests because of that.

The outcome of the eye doctor visit is that I have pretty close to 20 20 vision but I am slightly far sighted which means I will have a hard time seeing things close up (reading, computer and such) and I have astigmatism in my left eye which means my eye is oval shaped. This I think was what will affect my night vision while driving, double vision which I often get when I am tired and cause me to tire very easily when I am watching movies or reading and such. This explains a little of why I have had to struggle to read for long periods of time. Otherwise my vision is good and my eyes are in good shape.

The optometrist says that I don't have to get glasses. I can live without them but as I get older she says that I will notice more and more the problems my eyes have. She recommends me to get glasses just to wear at night, in dim light and reading books or computers. I am going to call our medical plan through Adam's work and see how much we are covered for these things. Then if we are covered enough I will probably get them, even if Adam thinks I look like a nerd in glasses! ha ha When we tried out the prescription in the office I couldn't believe how everything came totally clear immediately instead of fuzzing and then coming clear. How "eye opening"! And I got my pupils dilated so it is very hard to see what I am typing.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time well spend...

Remember way back when I finished Fireproof, the novel and said I would write about other books I finish as I do? Well, here I go. A little later than expected but...

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

This one I got on cassette tape actually from www.christianbook.com because it was only $1.00 US price and I thought that since our car is from the ancient days of cassettes we may as well use it! I am going to get a hard copy of this book though because after hearing the whole thing I was so encouraged I would like to read it myself one day.

The start of it is written much like the Pilgrim's progress but with a man on a journey to his "big dream" instead of on his life journey with Christ. This big dream is given to him by the "dream giver" and is going to take much courage and perseverance to pursue. There will be many things that come in the way to try to deter him, even things that seem good but are not God's will. Then the second part is by the author about his big dream and how God helped him achieve it and brings new dreams the further he goes in the journey. I am not doing it justice here but I would recommend this book. It is a fairly easy read and is not extremely long.

One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

This one was recommended to me by a good friend and I almost didn't read it because it is longer than a lot of books I feel I can read and get through. I am not a long time reader all though I LOVE to read now. I have not read large books and I am still working at making it through the bible. I know reading is a skill I want to grow in so that I can hopefully pass the passion on to my children and maybe they will be through large book, especially the bible before they are 28! I am glad I read this. It was a challenge because of the size but the content I really enjoyed. So on with the book.

This is a fiction story of course about two families both with husbands trapped in the world trade center disaster. I can't tell much or it will give away some vital information but it was a very emotional and interesting story. I couldn't put it down. I have to admit there were some areas in plot that were a little predictable at times but the overall story I never would have been able to guess. It also brought me right back to watching the disaster on TV while I was pregnant with Joshua and this time I really was able to comprehend what was happening, what happened and how many people were really lost to the world, the city, and to their families and friends.

This one I think I will see if the library has in. I don't know what you call it when there are just two books in a series but this is the second and final part anyway.
This is the book I am working on right now. I like Frank Peretti's work so I am enjoying this. I am only through the 5Th chapter and it is very thick so I will let you know when I finish.
The Visitation by Frank Peretti

I am not really a book report person so hopefully this isn't too boring for you all. Just thought that I would fill you in on a little piece of life these days.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Annabelle's surgery

Annabelle has finally had her belly button hernia fixed. She has had the hernia from birth and the doctors said that around the time of her starting school, if it hadn't fixed on it's own (which sometimes happens because it is only an under developed muscle I guess) then it would be time to do surgery. The hernias will only fix on their own till a child is about 6 years old and then they just get bigger. On adults, they just need operated on more quickly because they just don't repair themselves.

I had this same surgery after I gave birth to Joel. It was horribly painful for recovery. But the doc said it would be much better for Annabelle and sure enough it is.

Annabelle was so scared about the surgery and she was scared that something would go wrong. I told her that on the very odd occasion Jesus takes people home to heaven when they have these things done but that she would be fine because we had lots of people praying for her safety. She asked if she could let Jesus in her heart so she was sure she would be okay. I told her she definitely could and that Jesus would love to hear her pray a prayer. I asked her a few questions, if she understood that Jesus died on a cross for her sins and if she new what if meant to make Jesus Lord in her life. Then I explained these things in terms she could grasp and she prayed the sweetest and most sincere prayer to the Lord. Then she fell asleep and she slept so soundly.

Here is a picture of Annabelle before bed the night before the surgery. She was so cute in her new nightie and socks from my mom, just for wearing to the hospital.

6:45 am heading to the hospital. She was so tired!
Getting weighed at the hospital - 20kg
Hospital bracelets on
Blood pressure
And the "arm hugger"
This is the freezing cream under plastic bandage. But weirdly enough, they put her IV in her arm. But she doesn't remember any of it anyway.
Cute in her hospital gowns.
Then they gave her the "drink" which is really horribly tasting medicine and once they got it in her mouth they blew on her face hard so she would be forced to swallow and then she cried. This was the only time she was really upset. She hates medicine. The nurses told her she won the prize for taking the medicine and that she could have a sticker! She was happy again then.
Sitting waiting as the "drink" started kicking in. She was so cute. It makes them super sleepy and a little weird. We couldn't understand anything she was saying and she was singing a little. Then I prayed with her. She was so happy and at peace.
Waiting to go into the OR. Her one eye closed and the other didn't much. They said this was just a side affect of the sleepy stuff.
After the surgery. She was crying a little bit but it was because she was coming out of the anesthetic. She did so well and never thrashed or screamed or anything like some kids do. They warned us of all the things that can happen. She just whimpered a bit and then I told her she did really well and she said, "Is it all done??" She was so surprised and she said she didn't even know she went to sleep. It was so sweet.
We brought her a gift, this book and a new outfit. So cute and she loved the story, but doesn't remember hearing it.
Adam waiting with Annabelle for the doctor to come and let us go.
And she fell fast asleep.
Then the nurse took out her IV and the doc said she could go. He is a wonderful surgeon, same one who did mine and he is great with kids.
Daddy on the elevator, carrying his princess to the car.
And then at home, relaxing after breakfast with the treats she picked out and watching the movies we rented with her. The surgery started at 8am, was finished at 8:30 and we were home by 10:30 with Joel.
My friend Tye lee had taken Joshua for the night and Joel slept at his cousins house (thanks Rod and Berna!) all because Annabelle really wanted Daddy to be there as well as Mommy. I was so glad that Adam was able to come. Can't believe how God took care of Annabelle and today I am just trying to remind her that she still needs to rest. She just wants to be up playing all day! She is already feeling great.
Yesterday we had a few visitors as it was my birthday and people came with gifts for Annabelle and I. It was so nice. Annabelle's teacher is coming today to bring her a little gift too. She is so excited.