Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why doesn't she just tell me???

It has been days since Annabelle has eaten anything substantial. I have been trying to get her to eat but she keeps choking and having to spit out her food. It has been so frustrating.

Yesterday she woke up with a headache and her legs were aching and she couldn't eat at all. I was getting so frustrated and then I asked her, "Well, does your throat hurt or something???" And sure enough, of course it did. But she went 3 days without informing me of this She was getting mighty hungry by this point.

Annabelle wanted to go to school but I got an appointment with the doc for about an hour later so I went and picked her up. Took her into the doctor and was relieved to hear that she just had a throat infection. Her throat was soar and swollen. That explains the choking on the food and having to spit it out. He said to just make sure she is drinking lots. Okay, I can do that, she has no problem drinking. I asked about the legs and head hurting and he said it is probably just that she is achy from the infection being in her system for quite a while already and to just have her rest. She is home from school today. I was going to send her but because she hadn't eaten in so long, she was very weak when she got up today. So weak she could hardly walk.

Annabelle has always had a little pop belly which I love to bits. It is now gone. She can't stand to loose a whole lot of weight as she is only 40 pounds and that is low for her age as it is. At breakfast this morning I thought that it would be a good idea to get a little food into her so I made her about 3 tablespoons of rice krispies (her favorite). She ate about 1 tablespoon worth and then she puked it all up. I asked her why she puked and she said that she choked and then it made her throw up. I felt so bad for her. All that was in her tummy was a little milk, that small amount of cereal and her medicine.

Why didn't she just tell me earlier?! She hates taking medicine. She hates it enough to say she is not sick when her fever is 40 degrees just to get out of taking Tylenol. Yes, the yummy chewable kids ones!!! Well, today for lunch she managed to get a banana into her tummy. I am so glad. She is not so achy now. And she has been drinking a lot today so I think she is on the mend. We have been praying much for her so she will be better soon. When you think about Annabelle today, please say a little pray for healing for her throat. Thanks!

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Jenny said...

sending some prayers up now..