Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Time well spend...

Remember way back when I finished Fireproof, the novel and said I would write about other books I finish as I do? Well, here I go. A little later than expected but...

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

This one I got on cassette tape actually from because it was only $1.00 US price and I thought that since our car is from the ancient days of cassettes we may as well use it! I am going to get a hard copy of this book though because after hearing the whole thing I was so encouraged I would like to read it myself one day.

The start of it is written much like the Pilgrim's progress but with a man on a journey to his "big dream" instead of on his life journey with Christ. This big dream is given to him by the "dream giver" and is going to take much courage and perseverance to pursue. There will be many things that come in the way to try to deter him, even things that seem good but are not God's will. Then the second part is by the author about his big dream and how God helped him achieve it and brings new dreams the further he goes in the journey. I am not doing it justice here but I would recommend this book. It is a fairly easy read and is not extremely long.

One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

This one was recommended to me by a good friend and I almost didn't read it because it is longer than a lot of books I feel I can read and get through. I am not a long time reader all though I LOVE to read now. I have not read large books and I am still working at making it through the bible. I know reading is a skill I want to grow in so that I can hopefully pass the passion on to my children and maybe they will be through large book, especially the bible before they are 28! I am glad I read this. It was a challenge because of the size but the content I really enjoyed. So on with the book.

This is a fiction story of course about two families both with husbands trapped in the world trade center disaster. I can't tell much or it will give away some vital information but it was a very emotional and interesting story. I couldn't put it down. I have to admit there were some areas in plot that were a little predictable at times but the overall story I never would have been able to guess. It also brought me right back to watching the disaster on TV while I was pregnant with Joshua and this time I really was able to comprehend what was happening, what happened and how many people were really lost to the world, the city, and to their families and friends.

This one I think I will see if the library has in. I don't know what you call it when there are just two books in a series but this is the second and final part anyway.
This is the book I am working on right now. I like Frank Peretti's work so I am enjoying this. I am only through the 5Th chapter and it is very thick so I will let you know when I finish.
The Visitation by Frank Peretti

I am not really a book report person so hopefully this isn't too boring for you all. Just thought that I would fill you in on a little piece of life these days.

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