Saturday, May 23, 2009

A moment to spare

This week has been crazy busy!!! I had too many kids here but was watching a couple extras as their babysitter was out of town. It was okay but I was so worn out by last night that I fell asleep in the bath at about 11pm!!! God up this morning and it was a day of soccer. I think that there is not much cuter than seeing a bunch of 5-7 year olds playing soccer. They are so sweet and try so hard. Here is Joshua's team... he is next to the colourful goalie. He is doing so well and really likes his team and coach.

Annabelle proudly sporting her green timbits uniform. She is loving it even though she thought she wouldn't and she is doing really well and learning lots.
We went out last night fishing. Didn't catch anything but had a great time with family having a wiener roast and goodies by the fire. The kids always love playing in the sand and rocks. It was great. It makes me excited for the rest of summer and fall!
Adam and I just finished watching "Laugh your way to a Better Marriage" together. It was great. Very good stuff. And it was definitely great to have the comedy to break up the serious stuff!
Looks like it might be a beautiful day and the kids are begging to go to the park so I think that I better get some lunch on the go. Hope everyone is doing well. God bless!!!


Jadekitty said...

The kids look adorable :)
My sister gave us that set, and I have yet to put it in and watch it, I'm always finding some excuse.

Gwen said...

I am a huge fan of kids' soccer. It's a big confidence booster, great physical exercise and a fun way to meet new friends! Plus it is really affordable (compared to, say, hockey), it's popular world-wide and the equipment required is minimal. I'm glad they're having fun!

Charlene said...

I would recomend you put it in! It was not, unbelievably profound or anything but really gread none the less. I was encouraged even just to hear once again that people are all going through the same sort of things. We have really been trying to focus on our marriage now that the kids are a little older and this was definately benificial to us.