Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Annabelle's surgery

Annabelle has finally had her belly button hernia fixed. She has had the hernia from birth and the doctors said that around the time of her starting school, if it hadn't fixed on it's own (which sometimes happens because it is only an under developed muscle I guess) then it would be time to do surgery. The hernias will only fix on their own till a child is about 6 years old and then they just get bigger. On adults, they just need operated on more quickly because they just don't repair themselves.

I had this same surgery after I gave birth to Joel. It was horribly painful for recovery. But the doc said it would be much better for Annabelle and sure enough it is.

Annabelle was so scared about the surgery and she was scared that something would go wrong. I told her that on the very odd occasion Jesus takes people home to heaven when they have these things done but that she would be fine because we had lots of people praying for her safety. She asked if she could let Jesus in her heart so she was sure she would be okay. I told her she definitely could and that Jesus would love to hear her pray a prayer. I asked her a few questions, if she understood that Jesus died on a cross for her sins and if she new what if meant to make Jesus Lord in her life. Then I explained these things in terms she could grasp and she prayed the sweetest and most sincere prayer to the Lord. Then she fell asleep and she slept so soundly.

Here is a picture of Annabelle before bed the night before the surgery. She was so cute in her new nightie and socks from my mom, just for wearing to the hospital.

6:45 am heading to the hospital. She was so tired!
Getting weighed at the hospital - 20kg
Hospital bracelets on
Blood pressure
And the "arm hugger"
This is the freezing cream under plastic bandage. But weirdly enough, they put her IV in her arm. But she doesn't remember any of it anyway.
Cute in her hospital gowns.
Then they gave her the "drink" which is really horribly tasting medicine and once they got it in her mouth they blew on her face hard so she would be forced to swallow and then she cried. This was the only time she was really upset. She hates medicine. The nurses told her she won the prize for taking the medicine and that she could have a sticker! She was happy again then.
Sitting waiting as the "drink" started kicking in. She was so cute. It makes them super sleepy and a little weird. We couldn't understand anything she was saying and she was singing a little. Then I prayed with her. She was so happy and at peace.
Waiting to go into the OR. Her one eye closed and the other didn't much. They said this was just a side affect of the sleepy stuff.
After the surgery. She was crying a little bit but it was because she was coming out of the anesthetic. She did so well and never thrashed or screamed or anything like some kids do. They warned us of all the things that can happen. She just whimpered a bit and then I told her she did really well and she said, "Is it all done??" She was so surprised and she said she didn't even know she went to sleep. It was so sweet.
We brought her a gift, this book and a new outfit. So cute and she loved the story, but doesn't remember hearing it.
Adam waiting with Annabelle for the doctor to come and let us go.
And she fell fast asleep.
Then the nurse took out her IV and the doc said she could go. He is a wonderful surgeon, same one who did mine and he is great with kids.
Daddy on the elevator, carrying his princess to the car.
And then at home, relaxing after breakfast with the treats she picked out and watching the movies we rented with her. The surgery started at 8am, was finished at 8:30 and we were home by 10:30 with Joel.
My friend Tye lee had taken Joshua for the night and Joel slept at his cousins house (thanks Rod and Berna!) all because Annabelle really wanted Daddy to be there as well as Mommy. I was so glad that Adam was able to come. Can't believe how God took care of Annabelle and today I am just trying to remind her that she still needs to rest. She just wants to be up playing all day! She is already feeling great.
Yesterday we had a few visitors as it was my birthday and people came with gifts for Annabelle and I. It was so nice. Annabelle's teacher is coming today to bring her a little gift too. She is so excited.


Ruth said...

Wow! So happy that everything went well. Hope she is feeling better!! Love you guys!

Jadekitty said...

What a trooper! That is so exciting that she made the decision to ask Jesus into her heart :)
Miss you guys.

Charlene said...

Thanks ladies! She is doing very well!

Jenny said...

Eeesh, I missed this post!!
So glad she had a successful surgery!