Thursday, March 30, 2006

25 years old!!!

This morning I thought that it would be nice to take the kids to the park and to town. I just love how pics at the park turn out. What a fun way to spend my birthday, out with my beauties! Posted by Picasa

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So beautiful!!! She has loved swinging since the day she was born! Posted by Picasa

So handsome. Posted by Picasa

His hair looked like this everytime he would go down the slides! Posted by Picasa
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What a cutie!!! He was so brave on the big slide and, of course, went head first every time! Posted by Picasa
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Annabelle loves to play withthe rocks. Posted by Picasa
Joel finally conquered this bridge today. What a big boy!!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well, 25 years old at last. I have been looking forward to this birthday! I got beautiful roses and a card from my hubby. He also says I can take some money and buy myself some clothes or something I need or want. I am so excited. Sam brought me this CD, Carrie Underwood. I love the song she sings Jesus take the Wheel. I got cards and money from my sister Bernadette and Rod and their boys, my mom, and my dad. I can't wait till my belly is not swollen at all anymore so I can go and choose some new jeans!!! I am in major need of new clothes! And I got cards from Todd and Linda and my sister Virgie and her boyfriend Blaine. Lots of people called and wished me happy birthday which always makes me feel really special! My girlfriends are all having a get together on Saturday night and we will probably watch Pride and Prejudice together. I am so excited about it. Thanks everyone for thinking of me and all your love!!! Posted by Picasa
The cat's have a nasty habit of chewing on flowers. Oh well, this one is the only one they got and it is still beautiful! Posted by Picasa
The beautiful roses that Adam bought for me! I love roses! Posted by Picasa


Another beautiful day out with the family! I really needed this outing as I had been couped up in the house for a very LONG week of recovery from my surgery. It was a great day! Posted by Picasa
Todd met us out at the river with his dog and visited for a while. This pic was taken on Monday but today (Thursday) Is todd's birthday. What a great day to be born!!! It is cool to have someone to share my day with as I never have before we met him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD!!! Posted by Picasa
God blesses Adam almost every time he fishes with at least one or two dolly's. On Monday we went as a family out and had a great time! These were the catch of the day. I had no luck but Adam caught both of these within about 1 hour. It was a great time out! Posted by Picasa

Mark and Jen's house

Well, here is a creepy pic of Jennifer, my sister in law. No, she is not creepy, just the rat's tail hanging down her chest. We had a great visit with Jennifer, Mark, and their kids as well as Jenny's girls Mikaela and Sierra who are up for a visit from Edmonton. Jenny and Gena were out and about this night but we did get the privaledge of visiting with Adam's good friend Scott who is also Jennifer's brother. He is moving back to Terrace from Edmonton. Can't wait to have him home!!! He is getting his stuff and then moving back for good. WELCOME HOME SCOTT!!!! Posted by Picasa
Best picture we could get of Scott. He's not a big fan of photos I guess. Posted by Picasa
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What a beautiful family!!! Posted by Picasa
Scott's nice car he drove from Edmonton. Posted by Picasa
What a blessing for the kids to have Uncle Scotty home to hog the video games!!! haha Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

We came, we saw, we killed a fish. A small 15" Dolly. Our wonderful church friend, Michelle, brought us a huge, awesome dinner to help out when I got home. We gave her the fish to say thanks. Our friends are such a blessing to us!! Posted by Picasa