Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Can you believe this hot woman married me? My wife, Charlene, with her fantastic new haircut. Posted by Picasa

Annabelle running at the park by our home.  Posted by Picasa

I absolutely love this photo!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005

The family took a week long camping/ fishing holiday from August 7th-13th. We spent the time at the Kitimat red bridge with Rod, Bernadette (Charlene's sister) and their kids Eric and Alex. Man what a great time. We discovered Annabelle had lice, my chest waders gave me a leg infection (remember kids never wear shorts in chest waders), I got a sunburn which blistered and peeled on my back and so many bug bites I lost count (still recovering from bites) and yet we had a stinking great time!
When we got back we had a conference at our church, The Rock Christian Community, which rocked. A link to a very powerful message taught at that time is: http://www.freewaychurch.com/english/articles.asp?filename=Codependency
Check it out. Seriously, do it.

The dirt, the sweat, a leg infection, all for this tasty little rainbow trout.  Posted by Picasa

My little fishing man!! Pretty cool he got to see Rod pull in a cutthroat and shortly after me pull in a rainbow. Posted by Picasa

zzzzzz!!!! Posted by Picasa

ZZZZZZZ!!! Posted by Picasa

Who ever thought getting so dirty could be so fun! Posted by Picasa

Yes I actually spent a little time with the family when I wasn't fishing with Rod. This is me and little Timmy. Posted by Picasa

What a great shot of my great wife and kids.  Posted by Picasa

Mommy when are we going home!!! Posted by Picasa

No wonder Joel got bug bites in the unmentionables. YEEOOOWW!!!! Posted by Picasa

Man I need this coffee!!! Notice Rod's fly hat. His friend, Brian, gave him many handmade flies and taught him how to fly fish during his holiday. Posted by Picasa

Annabelle and I fishing at night time. Got a humpy on during the picture taking. Humpies trashed Joshua's reel. Many spawned-out humpies on during the week.  Posted by Picasa

Rod and Eric coming back from a trip to the water. Campfire is adding that extra touch.  Posted by Picasa

Here's Joel's usual appearance during our camp out. Next year we may invest in a camping shower. Posted by Picasa

The kids loved our nightly visitor, Foxy, who would come between 10:30-11PM each night to beg for handouts.  Posted by Picasa

Cute kid, swing, any questions? Posted by Picasa

Rod with a beautiful 18" cutthroat which he landed during my holiday. That guys totally slaughtered the fish on his holiday from Ft. St. John. Over 150 fish landed. Posted by Picasa

Annabelle watching Mark, brother-in-law Rod's brother, fish. Posted by Picasa

The sister-in-law, Bernadette, and her two charming children, Eric and Alex. Posted by Picasa

The wonderful wife and kids playing near the bridge. We camped here for the entire week. Posted by Picasa

Woke up to this beautiful view for a week of fishing and camping from Aug 7-13th. What a time of refreshing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005

Lloyd A., Charlene's uncle. AKA- The Unc. Quite the expert when it comes to Science. (except that silly Evolution thing. * See my links) Here's a good reason why when someone takes your picture you should give a good pose.  Posted by Picasa