Thursday, December 03, 2009

Our Tiny Christmas Tree

We have not had a Christmas tree in years! We decided quite a while ago to make our center piece of Christmas the beautiful Willow Tree Nativity set that we purchased. Last year Annabelle was so in love with Christmas trees and was starting to feel pretty sad that we didn't have one. She asked a few times if maybe we could have a tree when she is bigger. I would just tell her, probably not.

By the end of the season, Adam's big brother had had enough and (I think, just to frustrate us) didn't ask but went and bought Annabelle a tiny tree and then brought it over and gave it to her. She was excited and finally satisfied. She didn't need something large and it didn't have to be the greatest and grandest part of Christmas. She didn't want to replace what we had, she just wanted something she could decorate and look at. I think Adam's bro might have been a little surprised that we didn't mind and were quite happy about it.

Annabelle went out with my mom this year and they bought some cute little ornaments for her new tree and then Annabelle chose some of our smaller ornaments from our box and decorated it herself. It is pretty hey? And stands about two feet tall.

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