Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Been a while

I love blogging but sometimes just get too busy. Just wanted to do a quick update.

1. I got 91% in Business English and am so glad to be finished!
2. I have a keyboarding test in the new year that I am nervous. I am not a very good typer.
3. I have hardly had the chance to do any reading except with the kids.
4. Obviously Adam has not either as he is still reading that book right there ---->
5. We bought the kids an airhockey table for Christmas which has been a great hit!!!
6. We are bringing in the new year with my sister and family and I am really looking forward to it!
7. We had a wonderful Christmas time and we were blessed and felt the love of God through our family and friends.
8. Adam and the kids bought me a family ring this Christmas. It is something I have always wanted and it is beautiful.
9. New courses start soon!
10. Joshua's birthday is coming up soon!!! He will be 8!

That is it for now. Pics to come.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby its cold outside!

Isn't it??? Yikes! The kids even got to stay in at school. It is a little like frost bite weather out there so I was so glad to hear that they did get to stay in. It is about time to post this song. I love this time of year more than all the rest and I love the feel of the house near Christmas. It is so warm and cozy in here. I am a huge winter fan!

Studying for my English final tonight. I can't believe that I will be all done and able to think about other things, like all the Christmas baking I would love to do with the kids, Christmas crafts, and reading! I just read this one to them in the last two nights...

And of course it was awesome! I loved it anyway. Then Adam found out that there was a TV movie made years ago and found it. The kids watched that tonight. What a treat! It was great. I didn't get to watch the movie because I was studying but the kids said it was awesome! After my exam tomorrow I will update with some picture and stuff that has been going on. Hoping everyone is having a wonderful time in the cold and blustery weather!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I can't believe that we are all grown up!

I was looking at this picture of Adam and me when we were ready to go out to Adam's Employee Recognition Dinner. All I could think was, since when did we grow up? We look like adults! This is strange, sometimes I still think we are 18 and 27. But I guess in the past 10 years, we kind of grew up. What a great night this was!

Our Tiny Christmas Tree

We have not had a Christmas tree in years! We decided quite a while ago to make our center piece of Christmas the beautiful Willow Tree Nativity set that we purchased. Last year Annabelle was so in love with Christmas trees and was starting to feel pretty sad that we didn't have one. She asked a few times if maybe we could have a tree when she is bigger. I would just tell her, probably not.

By the end of the season, Adam's big brother had had enough and (I think, just to frustrate us) didn't ask but went and bought Annabelle a tiny tree and then brought it over and gave it to her. She was excited and finally satisfied. She didn't need something large and it didn't have to be the greatest and grandest part of Christmas. She didn't want to replace what we had, she just wanted something she could decorate and look at. I think Adam's bro might have been a little surprised that we didn't mind and were quite happy about it.

Annabelle went out with my mom this year and they bought some cute little ornaments for her new tree and then Annabelle chose some of our smaller ornaments from our box and decorated it herself. It is pretty hey? And stands about two feet tall.


Here the kids are helping fix up the wreath. It always needs a few more berries attached to make it right. They fall off each year because of the door opening and closing.

The wreath is something we made a few years ago. It is a reminder of the great sacrifice God made when sending Jesus, as our saviour, to this world. We try to talk to the children often of, not just the wonderful gift that Christ was, but of how the Christmas story relates to the Easter story. This is a symbol of the crown of thorns with Christ's blood on it.

To think that God, knowing of the way that people would treat Christ and then eventually that He would die for we who are so unworthy, would choose this plan baffles my mind! I know that He had to do this so that we could have redemption but it still just amazes me that this was the plan He chose; that He preferred us saved! So at Christmas I don't only want to remember the beautiful child, laying in the manger; I want to remember the purpose God had in sending Him.

Here the kids are modelling beside the freshly hung wreath. I love it. It was cold out that day so they look as if they are just about to pray. Cute. Blessings on the start of the advent count down and the joys of the "feeling of Christmas" in the air. I can't believe it is snowing so much out there! I hope it continues!!!