Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Weekend of FUN!!!

Well, I kind of thought that I would catch up on sleep on my ladies weekend... not so much though. What I did catch up on though was bonding and fun. I came back not just full of the love of God and my beautiful friends, but JOY!!! I love joy. I thank God I was able to go on this weekend. It was a blast from start to finish. PLUS... Adam did great with the kids and the house while I was gone. How cool is that. I came home to a nearly clean house and happy kids. Thanks Babe! You are a wonderful man!
Well, my next big adventure comes tomorrow. I can't believe I am actually doing it because I have not done a road trip before by myself, let alone with all my kids. So, I leave tomorrow as early as I can and drive straight through to Fort St John! It should be about a 14 hour drive with the kids. Adam has to work so he gave me his blessing to go without him. I am overly excited and nervouse all at once. Please keep me and the kids in your prayers over the next week when you think of it. I will be back next Tuesday with many pics to share. I'll post later!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Women's retreat!!!

Well, I am off to the ladies retreat that out church is putting on. I am so excited but also very nervous. I know that Adam will do great with the kids but I have never been away from them for even one night and Joel is still very clingy to me. I pray they will adjust fine and have a great time with Daddy!!! I will be gone Tonight and Saturday night and Sunday till afternoon. I can believe I am actually going. I wasn't going to because it was $60 for the weekend, but I was so blessed. Someone payed my way and I am going!!! Thank God for a church family full of people who care for me and my family! On that note, thank God for A great man who will take care of the kids so I can go and refresh! I love you Adam! Okay, will post more after the retreat is done.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New pool, new sand

Annabelle really doesn't care how cold the water is, she goes in anyway. The boys really care how cold the water is and will hardly go in. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Got this sand box for the kids for Christmas and then we went to Red Sand lake to getsand for it. It is a really beautiful place to go. (Adam's dad always used to tell me that it was the most beautiful place. He loved it.) So then we filled up the sand box and the kids loved it! Posted by Picasa

Fishing on the Copper

We went out a couple nights ago and fished at the Copper river. It is finally clearing up a little. It was fun but really windy and cold. The kids still had a good time though. Posted by Picasa

My first time ever trying out my new rod and reel. It was a bit nerve racking and I was not very good to start but I started to get it near the end of the time. And then I decided I would go in the water further. I was staying near shore in case I needed Adam's help. Posted by Picasa

Annabelle, entertaining herself with a stick. She is always happy at the river. Posted by Picasa

I should stock a bunch of hair ties for this girl. Her hair is always in her face. She hardly notices though! Posted by Picasa

I just thought that I would catch a pic while Joel wasn't crying. He had a bit of a rough time. Posted by Picasa

It is hard to see but Joel got 3 goose eggs on his head from falling off Annabelle's chair onto the rocks, all in one fall! I felt so bad for him.  Posted by Picasa

Belle's room

Well, at last I get to post the pictures of Annabelle's cool new room. She was in serious need or a new bed so we decided we wouldredo the whole room. The only thing we have not got to do is the curtains. I have to choose the fabric and then a friend of ours is going to make them for us.
This is even better than I thought it would be and my dream bedroom for my little girl. I thought that it would be great to get her this bed so she can make forts under it. Her very favourite movie is Cinderella and she is such a girly girl so this was not just for me but definately for her. Enjoy.

This was the night that we finished up the room. My very good friend Henny took the kids out while Adam and I put up the border. When they got home and Annabelle saw it she was so excited! I loved it. She just wanted to touch it. Posted by Picasa

Closet- Adam took quite a while painting it. We painted everything. It was so fun. Posted by Picasa

This is the kitchen set that Jenny, Adam's sister gave us when she moved out of town. The kids love it! Annabelle is learning to tell time on her princess clock during her "time outs" in her room.And Auntie Virgie got her the lamp for Christmas.  Posted by Picasa

We got her the princess bedding and extra little pillow. My good friend Ruth made the mobile hanging in the corner for Annabelle's baby shower. I love it. It says Belle in the center rainbow.  Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the bed. Underneath are the toy boxes we got Annabelle for Christmas. I love them! Posted by Picasa

We picked up this table with 2 chairs from Walmart on sale for only $15!!!  Posted by Picasa

The low loft bed that we bought for Annabelle. She is so proud that under the sheet she has a monster truck matress. hehe Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day Adam!!!

It is father's day and I am so blessed to have a great man to help me raise my children to be absolutely wonderful! I know he prays for them all the time and is such a strength in our household. I love his sense of humor and that the kids can always laugh when he is around :) Thank you Adam, not only for being a great dad to our children but allowing me and helping me be a great mom, too. I pray that God will strengthen you over the years to face every battle with love and ever good time with the joy that is in the Lord. I love you so much. God bless you on this special day and always.

What a beautiful little family God has give to you to father.
I am so glad that the kids will be able to have hobbies to love with Adam

Annabelle and Adam fishing at the Kitimat river last summer.

They will always have fun and crazy memories.

Proud Daddy, proud son!

What can I say, he is my dream come true. Enjoying time with all of us and making great memories for his wonderful kids. I love you so much Adam and am so glad that you are the father of my children.

We're Back!!!

Okay, finally, after much anticipation our computer is back and better than ever! Thanks to our good friend Chris, we upgraded our computer while fixing what needed fixed and got a pretty good price on everything also. Then he had Adam over and taught him how to put it all together, which was something that Adam wanted to learn, and then he didn't even charge us for setting it up! Thanks a bundle Chris, we really appreciate all your help! Well, as tomorrow is Father's day, we probably won't get around to it then but Adam is going to get all the latest pics loaded onto the computer and then we can be back to posting regular!!! I am so excited. I have missed it so much. Thanks for caring. I loved getting little messages about missing our posts. Thanks Jenny. See you tomorrow!

Monday, June 12, 2006

One night we were having out snack after supper and the sun was shining in the window. Joel kept squinting and getting upset and then he spotted Daddy's sun glasses. He called Daddy and pointed to the glasses. It was so funny! Adam gave them to him and he put them on quickly and went about his eating. It was just so adorable we had to document it. Posted by Picasa

Joel likes his comfort for sure! Posted by Picasa

Happy 2nd Birthday Eric!!!

This is the birthday star I sent to CBC kids for my handsome nephew Eric. I woke up late and didn't see if it played. Anyways... I love you Eric! Can't wait to see you soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

About one month ago. Just catching up on some of the very old pics. Copper river fishing with Blaine and Virginia.

A beautiful night at the copper with Blaine and Virginia. Blaine headed off to go releave himself and Joel was convinced he was going too. What a cutie. He loves Blaine... and Virgie for that matter, took to them so quick. That is not really like him. I love it though. Posted by Picasa

Joel just loves to through stuff in the water. Daddy loves that when he is fishing... haha. Joel doesn't really care if he scares the fish though. Posted by Picasa