Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still on night shift

Man do I get lonely when my love works the night hours. We had a wonderful day today, Adam slept and I visited my mom and then she watched the kids so Adam and I could go out fishing together. What a treat! It was cold and rainy but I don't mind as long as we are together out there. It was nice having all that time to talk. Headed for home, cleaned up and then my mom, Aunt Josephine, her hubby, and my Uncle and Grandfather all came over for a few hours. I made cookies and coffee and we had cake and chips and visited till now. I am tired!

Tomorrow I am teaching in Sunday school. I am excited about it although I didn't have a huge amount of time to plan it. I think it will be great anyway. I am going to talk about attitude. It should be good. I think we will have good discussion. I hope!

Been really slacking on my Tupperware stuff. I have been putting in parties but not working very hard at anything.

Got signed up to a course at the college for fall and I was actually accepted! I am so happy about it! It is an office technology course and I will be doing it correspondence mostly. That way I can be with the kids when needed.

Can't believe that Joel starts school in the fall and Joshua will be in grade 2! They are growing so fast and getting more and more well behaved as time marches on. I love them so much! Tonight is Joshua's night for a sleep over with mommy and he is so excited about it. Adam is at work all night so it is prime time to have sleep overs.

Well, don't really know why I wrote this except that I am bored. Don't have much to say, I guess I am bored and a little boring! Hope everyone is having a great May long weekend, even with the rain. God bless!


Adam said...

I had a great time with you too honey. Love you too (previous post).

Jadekitty said...

It's great to read an update :)
Glad to hear that you were accepted for the course.

Sharon said...

That's awesome about the course. I used to do sleepovers with Jeffery when Scott worked night shift but we had to stop when he wasn't sleeping a well and waking up cranky for school. :) Glad you are having fun with those chillians of yours!! :)