Sunday, October 25, 2009


Life got a little out of focus as we have had so much going on. I was so discouraged the other day because I had done poorly on my English test, I have got a cold, there has been so much going on that I can hardly keep things straight, I still have not actually received my student loan that the Lord has blessed me with and we have been needing it badly, etc. Then today we woke up to our back tires in the van being slashed.

The Lord started speaking to me about some stuff this week starting at home group. He was impressing upon my heart the need to sit at His feet and just be with Him. I have been busy to the point that I have to fit my times with God into moments during dishes or while watching the kids swim or any other activity that allows me to give Him half my attention. I was realizing more clearly what I was doing. That I have been taking little to no time just to sit at His feet. I started to realize again my need to write things down so I can let them out of my mind and just focus on God. We talked about Mary and Martha and how Martha was not doing anything wrong but she was given a great opportunity to sit with the Lord and she chose the lesser things. And on top of it, had a bad attitude about it. We actually need to make the time to sit at the feet of the Lord and then get back to the other things. Prefer the best thing.

My English test came back today marked and with all my sentence answers my mark went up to 86% and I was so relieved. It is not fabulous but much better than the 66% that was showing before the teacher had the chance to mark the rest.

Today my cold was much less intense and I was feeling more clear.

The kids were wonderful in Sunday school which is always a treat and a blessing! And I spoke about Jim Elliot who is one man who always reminds me of the verse in Genesis that says
"As for you, ye devised against me evil--God devised it for good, in order to do as at this day, to keep alive a numerous people".

The tires will get dealt with tomorrow and God reminded me so quickly that in 8 years of living in this neighbourhood we have never been the recipients of any vandalism! We have been very blessed! And this is minor in the big scheme of things.

Tomorrow I will be trying to make it a point to sit at the feet of God and really find myself in Him every single day at some point. He is the only thing that gets us through some days and He is so good to us!


Dawn said...

I think that this is a lesson that I need to learn too! You have a beautiful family. I love reading your blog!

Charlene said...

Thanks Dawn, I am glad to see you have a blog, I will be checking it out now!