Thursday, December 03, 2009


Here the kids are helping fix up the wreath. It always needs a few more berries attached to make it right. They fall off each year because of the door opening and closing.

The wreath is something we made a few years ago. It is a reminder of the great sacrifice God made when sending Jesus, as our saviour, to this world. We try to talk to the children often of, not just the wonderful gift that Christ was, but of how the Christmas story relates to the Easter story. This is a symbol of the crown of thorns with Christ's blood on it.

To think that God, knowing of the way that people would treat Christ and then eventually that He would die for we who are so unworthy, would choose this plan baffles my mind! I know that He had to do this so that we could have redemption but it still just amazes me that this was the plan He chose; that He preferred us saved! So at Christmas I don't only want to remember the beautiful child, laying in the manger; I want to remember the purpose God had in sending Him.

Here the kids are modelling beside the freshly hung wreath. I love it. It was cold out that day so they look as if they are just about to pray. Cute. Blessings on the start of the advent count down and the joys of the "feeling of Christmas" in the air. I can't believe it is snowing so much out there! I hope it continues!!!

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