Monday, October 30, 2006

My dream for Christmas gifts...

Okay so, here is what I have been dreaming about. When my sister-in-law and her family left town, they gave some of their daughter's things to us. One of these things was a kitchen. It had been an outside toy and was quite "weathered" and was close to 10 years old. I had wanted one for my kids but we couldn't afford one so I brought this kitchen in to the house and cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. It still doesn't look great and the doors are very hard to open so the kids don't use the oven, dishwasher and fridge much but they LOVE that kitchen. It is in Annabelle's room right now and they use it absolutely every day! I have been looking at the kitchen lately thinking, I would love it if that was an outdoor toy. It wouldn't wreck it, and the kids could make stuff with dirt outside and cook it up. I remember doing that as a kid and loving it. Joshua expecially loves playing chef and is always serving up some kind of meal. As well, all we have for pretend food is some fruit and viggies I got for the kids last year for Christmas and they have no pots and pans. By the way these things wouldn't be for outside. I would give them yogurt dishes and stuff for outside. But for inside... so here are the things that I have been dreaming about. I don't think that we will have the money but I can dream. On a side note, I want to move all the kitchen stuff in the basement so that it seems less like it is Annabelle's and more like it is for all of them as that was the real plan.

Okay, so there is a little metal pots and pans set and mixer, etc. that I wanted too but it is not on Walmart's site. So that is that. I wish I could run out and buy it right now. The kitchen is supposedly on sale for $89.99 from $99.99. Oh well, we will wait and see. Alrighty! Have a great Halloween night. We will be at the hotsprings!!! I can't wait. It is our 3rd year of doing it with the kids on this night.

Well here's a magazine I got from my mother-in-law, Shirley. It's Issue #74 (Christians and Muslims) of Christian History. I was so impressed I got a 44 issue deal for $100(US). If you're interested you can check it out HERE. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006


Got this link from a church friend's site. It's awesome. It is a link to former Korn member's site who turned to Christ. When you go there click on the Media so see a CNN Video. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!

Head to Christ Site

In with the new!!!

Hey! Here is a shout out to my brother in law!!! He just got his first car. 'Aint it cute! Congratualtions Andrew, looks like you are enjoying it already! We are really happy for you!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

White Rock

The "spirit bear" that we saw in White Rock. I know that you all have probably had enough of holiday pics but I thought that I would just post the rest today and probably tomorrow and then they will be done. It is fun for me as I love to reminisce. So these next ones are our 2nd full day in Surry. We went to White Rock. It was so relaxing. George came along which made it extra fun. Adam kept insisting that there was an aviation museum on the road to White Rock and George and I bugged him the whole time about it. It was so fun, the drive, the walk, the dinner, the big white rock. I loved it. Probably our most relaxing day. George treated us to supper,also which was a total blessing!Posted by Picasa

The pier at White Rock. Posted by Picasa

Adam helping with mid walk drinks. Posted by Picasa

George holding his "camera bag" and in deep thought. He didn't really realize till this outing how nice it would be to have a regular camera bag. As he and Ruth blessed us so much by giving us a place to stay and even food and not wanting money in return, and also treating us to a few things on our trip, we thought it the least we could do to buy him a real bag for his camera so we did that on our last day in town. He seemed to love it but it was nothing in comparisson to their hospitality! They made sure we had a nice stay and that was so important in the successful of the holiday. Thanks George and Ruth! Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Annabelle with a feeble attempt to climb the rock. She really thought that she would be able to do it. Posted by Picasa

Not the greatest pic but I love that George is holding Joel, they really hit it off! The camera didn't even want us taking pics here as the sun was shining off the rock and WAY too bright. There was a big red warning but we still really wanted to get the pics so, we risked the camera. Posted by Picasa

Us with the white rock. Posted by Picasa

It was so hot, we had to sit down. Nice for the kids to play. I still am amazed by the weather we had at the end of September. I packed for fall but we got summer. Thanks God, only one day of rain and we got to do everything we wanted to. He provided in every way. What an awesome God we serve. Posted by Picasa

Joshua playing with seaweed. Posted by Picasa

Joel wanted to pose for a couple pics. He liked this pole. Posted by Picasa

Checking out the water tap. Posted by Picasa

Gearge and Adam really had a great time just talking and catching up. Posted by Picasa

We walked the pier at White Rock. This was the highlight of the pier. The kids could see the fish swimming in the water, through the cracks. Posted by Picasa

The kids saw jelly fish, literally thousands of fish, and lots of seaguls. How fun. Here is them checking out the water. Posted by Picasa

George, just relaxing on the pier. Posted by Picasa

Just after this picture, Annabelle decided that she needed to use the washroom which was at the other end of the pier. Stressful walk back!!! Posted by Picasa

A stranger on the pier asked if we would like our picture taken. Great to have one of all of us. See the white rock in the background? Posted by Picasa

Anyone know how to read a sun dial??? Posted by Picasa

Sorry buddy, that thing aint budgin! Posted by Picasa

Cute liitle icecream shop after our fish and chips dinner at a restaurant called Trolls. Joel didn't want icecream, he got a lollypop and called it icecream the whole time. Posted by Picasa

YUM!!! Good thing her dress matched her ice cream because she got the icecream everywhere! Posted by Picasa

Just some of the pics of the beautiful sunset and my beautiful family. Posted by Picasa