Thursday, July 02, 2009


Our first keepable spring salmon of the year!!! Adam had our lines set. I got a jingle so I pulled mine in but it was just a quick hit and was gone. So Adam was setting up my line again while I talked to some guy with a puppy right beside. Adam finished and started chatting as well. Then the man said, "That line is really going!" And Adam turned. He was closest to the line, although it was my rod so he grabbed it. He asked if I wanted to reel it in but it looked kinda big so I told him to keep it. I am so brave hey?! haha. Sure enough, a quick 5 minute fight with this baby and he was in... 34 lbs. It was fun to watch Adam catch it and of course, we have the fishing fever now more than ever! Congrats Adam. We should seriously get some vaccuum seal bags today for the next one! YAY!

How awesome is that?!
Kids were pleased as punch as we had just dropped in our lines about 10 minutes before the fish was on!
Handsome guy with a tasty fish!!!

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