Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Question to Ask Yourself?

If your hard drive were to crash right now, what would you lose? I'm trying to think of what I have lost. It's times like these though that you realize that it's all just stuff. Sure I'll be upset to lose pictures and some files I've worked on but in the end it's all going to burn anyway. Let this be a friendly reminder to back up your information though. Later.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Psa 119:103 How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Have you seen this stinking dump truck???

This child seems to be missing it!!! Oh what is that Joel? It went where??? YOU DID WHAT???
Welcome home from work hunny... he says it is in here! %$$#@$%$

Here we go, is it here? Is it there?
Maybe now we will get it.

Thank God for friends who call at the exact moment they need to. Jenny ran over in a flash with a cool little hand held snake and sorry Joel... this truck is now MIA
The darn thing is flushed away!
We thought it might come out, but it went down and the potty seems to be flushing like a hot dang now! Adventurous day to say the least! Thank you Mark (my bro in law) for coming and helping, you are such a blessing to us! And thanks Jenny for saving the day with the toilet snake... that beautiful toilet snake!

Night night all!

Mommy Quiz

Here you go mommies - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about your first born! Let's see how much you remember!

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? Yes and no. We were not apposed to the idea and were not being safe so we figured it would happen sooner or later.

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Yes for a whole 2 months!

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I was so excited but was scared to tell Adam, but when I did, he was so happy too.


5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? 20 when he was born

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? I had gained a little wait and it was mothers day breakfast at the church and I told my mom that I didn't really know what was up and that most of my pants wouldn't fit anymore and I didn't have money to replace them. She asked if I was late and I said, I don't know, I guess maybe a couple weeks, I never kept track. She said... we are getting you a pregnancy test and that is just what she did. I was trying to wait till Adam got home from work but just needed to know. My sis and I went to Adam's and my trailer and she waited outside the bathroom until I came out all shaky and teary to tell her that I was pregnant. One of the very best days of my life.

7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? My sister, then Mom, then Adam as soon as he came home from work. He had flowers in hand and said that because it was mothers day he wanted to tell me that he was so glad that I would one day be the mother of his children. Then I told him. And he was really happy.


9. DUE DATE? January 13

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? A couple days of it. Not bad at all.

11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Nothing really. I only craved anything when I was preggy with Annabelle.

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? The smell of smoke on Adam's breath and when he would fart!!!


14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? No, we didn't really care either way. Adam really did want an older boy to protect any further girls.


16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Yup, the church threw one for me


18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Just the ultrasound showed that Joshua had a larger than normal ventrical (gap) in his brain and they said if it grew then he could get brain damage. It was minor but I was devistated by the news so we had a lot of prayer for him. When he was born they did a scan on his brain and found it perfectly normal. Thank God for healing or just hearing our crys!


20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? From first contration, about 12 but 8 or 9 in true labor




24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? I had the epidural with this guy

25. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH? 6 lbs 5 ounces

26. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN ? January 8 at 10:37am


28. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 5 and a half years!

I'm tagging ALL the mommies who read my blog!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things are looking up!

Well, had a rough day, and was feeling pretty down but as the days go on, things are looking up. The kids are being more and more well behaved everyday. Thank God!
On top of that, I have had a lot of fellowship lately and it blesses me so much! So, to top it off, after 5 months of waiting and waiting, we have walls... the drywallers finished today. Then tomorrow the finishing company will be getting our paint, any colour we choose. So I am trying to get some ideas to show to Adam. Then they will paint this week probably. They told me to go and pick my floor! Yay! Soon, so soon! Once I have that picked with the assistance of my hubby, the floor company will install it. We are going to do linolium we are almost sure. It will not be perfect as our floor is not even in the slightest, but it will be the most durable thing for the basement. I am not too worried about the eveness anymore. Just having the floor will be awesome. Then we will get a throw rug. It will be cold floor but that is okay. The kids play down there and can wear slippers if they need to. So, then they will put on the baseboards and we can move our stuff down there! I am so excited. The guy from the finishing company told me today that he expects that everything will be finished within 3 weeks! I can't believe this! Just in time for a relaxing summer! So, I am praying for not much difficulty in the whole thing. There is also a little delema about a wall we didn't get installed in time but our friend/ carpenter says he will be able to do it soon. So I may just need to do some sanding and mudding for that on my own and then buy an extra can of paint to paint it after. I can handle that! Anyway, God's hand of blessing is evidently upon us once again and I am so glad that he never lets us go. I am looking forward to getting the bill from the drywallers for the extra we had done. I just want to get that paid and it will be a load off. We just put in a firewall as our basement didn't have one. It is an extra layer of drywall on the joined walls. It is to bring it up to code but the insurance ony covered to repair the damage so we figured that since we had everything ripped apart anyway, may as well. It will still be basementy of course because we couldn't totally finish it but it will be so much nicer and it will be great to be able to use our space again! There is the update of life.

Have a great day all... and I will be doing that mommy quiz soon. Very soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, a truly trying day today was. Struggle after struggle. Thank the Lord for a new day tomorrow and His Grace being with me.

a. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people.
b. The state of being protected or sanctified by the favor of God.
c. An excellence or power granted by God.

warning: scenes from The Passion of the Christ, the violent parts.

Going tomorrow to have some moles checked out at the doctor for me and Joel. I am a little nervous about it. Say a prayer if you think of me. God bless you all tonight!

Monday, May 14, 2007

My sis

I am just posting again in case people missed it. My sis is in Edmonton now and is up and blogging regular. I am excited to keep in touch with her and if any of you would like to too then here it is! Virginia's blog

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend love!

Well, we had a great time! You can't even imagine how nice it was! Holiday's have some kind of magic. Everything just seemed perfect. The kids were quite good for my ma. Just a few sad times at bed time and that was a little hard for me.
Plane was great! What an experience and all the better just sitting next to my love! The hotel had the greatest view and was an end room so we couldn't hear anything or anyone. It was just wonderful to be alone in our little place with no one to bother us. We did so many great things like, horse drawn carriage tour at Stanley park, dinner at the revolving resaurant at Harbour center, we went to the imax, ate out everywhere we wanted including dropping about 80 big ones at the Keg on a scrumpious meal, we did some shopping and visiting with Adam's very hospitable and wonderful grandparents. Overall, I can't even believe what a time we had. Pictures to come. On our way back Adam had a bit of a rough time being cheery because he hadn't slept the last night because he was trying to jam in as much visiting as possible that one night we had with his grandparents. I got 2 hours of sleep. Was funny when the flight attendant asked if we had a nice nap on the flight and I said, Yeah we hadn't slept last night at all. Adam said that that may have seemed like a bit too much information! haha Anyway, both of us slept on the plane and it was so exciting to be the one, for the first time in my life, coming in from the plane and having my babies run to me and slather me with kisses and hugs. I only wish the greatness of this trip didn't have come to an end. But Adam is back to work tomorrow.
I was checking all my regular blogs and on Gwen's she had posted a song by Elton John and it just happened to stir a lot of happy feelings and I thought I would post this, because I love it, and it is just how I feel right now. I want to be the one singing it. This weekend I felt I could be the one being sung to, and I want to dance. All I can say is, thanks so much Adam for showing me a great, romantic, fun, and beautiful time. I couldn't have imagined it any better. I love you!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


No time to blog. Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will!!! Yippee!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Carnival fun

I know some don't like the carnival but I happen to LOVE it! It has been something, since I was a child that I anticipated all year and enjoyed every minute of. So we go with our kids, and they love it, too. We always have a first grasp on them as kids stray easily at these things. This year was no exception in fun! We had a great time and what made it better was it was my sister and Blaine's last weekend in town so this was the last really fun thing we got to do with them before they headed out. Here are some pics but of course we also got lots of mini donuts and cotton candy and induldged till our hearts content and our stomachs were nearly sick! haha. Great times, a little cold as always, but great none the less!
Here is Joshua, I won 2 times on this game and then he won 2 times, too. He has inherited that awesomeness of my sister and I and will one day be a master of the roller bowler, also! Virginia and I have always won great prizes here. So anyway, together we won him quite the cutie of a blue lamb. Awesome!
The ducks, the kids each got a little toy here.
There is Joel with his toy, he loves it! And Annabelle's is in her hand there. It is a little strange, a dog that is colored a little like a lady bug.
At the slide the guy was really funny, teasing all the kids and just as Joshua went to measure himself the guy lifted the sign and said, oh, too bad, you're too short. Joshua looked a little concerned and then the guy smiled and let him on. Last year Joshua was really scared on this slide. This year he was so excited but on the way down, some kids come right behind him and kicked him in the head. He was very upset. I hope one year he can have a great time at this one. He really wants to.
Annabelle forgot her mat so she came down the slide so slow. It was funny. The guy let me take her up again but she was unhappy about that because she likes to be independant. So I hope that this slide is a lot better next year.
The monkey, full of fun.
There we are spinning. This is a great ride for the kids because the speed of spinning is controlled by the inside. I love it.
Fishing for prizes. The all won little frogs. It was cool.

The ferris wheel. Annabelle and Joshua went on it this year. Joshua was with Adam. They both had a blast. And Blaine took care of my freezing little monkey.
From the top of the ferris wheel.
Loading the kids on a ride.
And there they go! Joel absolutely loved this!
Joshua really loved riding this guy. Cute!
I will be posting more later so I can catch up on posts before the great holiday pics to come! God bless you all, hope for great days!

Books and Bannock

Well, first of all I must say I just had to document that I wink at my kiddos so much that they have all learned to wink back. I love it. The boys are the cutest. I will tell them I love them and they will wink and say I love you too mom. What little flirts. I love being their favourite girl. The other day Joshua was playing with a little girl at church and he told me after that she is a really nice girl and he likes her a lot. I must admit that it made me a little jealous. I am supposed to be the favourite for a long while. Anyway, here is Joel, giving me a wink.

So we went to Books and Bannock last week and it has quickly become one of the kids favourite things. They hear stories, have snacks, do crafts and afterward we play at the park. Here are a few pics and this tube thing actually works! I was amazed. And you can hear the person even if they wisper into it. Very cool.
Me telling secrets, hehe

Story time
Joel after climbing the big hill. Very proud.