Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Neglected and sad

No no, not me... this BLOG!!! What a sad and pitiful state it is in!

Well, I am nearly done my year of studies and I am planning to update semi regular soon. I am so excited to report that as I already knew... God is faithful!!! This past year that I have not blogged has been very eventful It has been full of fun, new experiences, joy unending mixed with a terrible amount of stress (school related!)

The kids are wonderful, Adam and I are better than ever, our church body is, as always, the place we find encouragement and love on this earth and our God is moving in our family's hearts like I can hardly believe!

It is nearly Father's day where we get to celebrate the wonderful love of Adam to our beautiful children and we take an extra special look at the Father's heart. I am ever greatful for the gift of a wonderful man and father for my children and a wonderful, faithful and good Father in heaven of which I have the pleasure to know deeply.

Talk again soon! Hope you all are still out there and able to come back to our blog, have a cup of tea and enjoy the adventure again with us. Thanks for popping in!!!