Friday, February 29, 2008

Fall Facedown

We had cell group here last night and sang this song. It speaks to my heart so clearly in these days. Thought that I would share.

Fishing on the Copper

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Went to the Copper River on Wednesday after work. Didn't get a bite but it sure is beautiful out there!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is there anything better?

Our kids have a truly sincere love for paint, crafts and anything artistic. These were taken the last time they had a big painting time. It is a bit of an ordeal because they each have their own certain paints. Joel's are old and it doesn't matter if they get mixed up. Annabelle's are nicer and they have more cool colours but I don't want them wrecked and Joshua's are special acrilics from the Creative Zone and they were a birthday gift that only he uses so far.

Joshua got this little box for his birthday from my mom and had a great time painting it.
Annabelle worked a long time on this picture, it was very lovely afterward.
Joel, lovin' every minute of it!

Fun times with kids. I love it. What a blessing to be at home with them! This was their first time getting to use their new, multi purpose aprons that Nana made them also. They are so stylish!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blog... featuring the beauty of my life.

Well, here is my princess. Just a few pics of Annabelle's happiness. She is a dog lover obviously and asks me to take a picture everytime she can get the dog to stay with her.

Annabelle and Rainbow dash having a picnic. She just looked so cute sitting there with her pony. She set this all up on her own so I told her I wanted a pic.
Making cream of wheat with Mommy. She never tires of stirring, very handy. I can get a whole sink full of dishes done while she stirs the breakfast.
Snuggling time
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I guess it is a good day to post.

Hey, my hubby decided to post today too and I just wanted everyone to know that there is the last rock posts underneath Adam's post. Just so anyone who is interested doesn't miss out. God bless!


Eddie Guerrero Tribute - Funny videos are here

Sam, thanks for the book, Cheating Death, Stealing Life. Loved it!!

Before and after


And after.

Rocks... very long post of catch-up

Well, the rocks are finally done and I have managed to get Adam to upload pictures for me. It was a long process, especially with my bro-in-law's visit in between but it is done and I am very impressed. We are glad, for sure, that we purchased this little marvel! Next time I hope we can try rocks from the river, wonder what these babies would turn out like!
Just a cutie of the cuties to start things off.
OKay, for the 3rd and 4th step the rocks need to be cleaned really well with soap and water

Looks like fun!

Then rinsed
Lovely when wet but when they dry they are not shiny anymore.
Put into the tumbler and tumbled with just water for two hours. This gets any and all grit off them so that as they pollish they don't get scratched.
On to tumbling.
And when they were done for 2 hours we took them out again, rinsed them and cleaned the tumbler.
Back in they go.
The 3rd step sand, a very, very fine sand for pollishing now. The first two were a little grittier so that they would grind off the rough edges of the rocks.
Water in.
And ready to tumble again. I think it went for 7 days.
Back out and cleaning with soap and water again.

And into the tumbler for the 2 hours again to get any and all grit off so as not to scratch the pollishing rocks.
Joshua's favourite rock again. Why, you may ask? Because the red reminds him of Jesus blood, shed for us on the cross and the white reminds him that the blood washes our sins as white as snow. He told me this right away and I thought it amazing that a child could think of this all on his own and believe and trust in it so deeply, bu then again, the bible does say...

Rom 1:20
(ASV) For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse
Lovely rocks again
Done the two hour tumble and on to the final step. After they were rinsed again, Joshua put them back in the tumbler.
Very fine pollishing powder

And ready to go.
So proud of the whole process, I loved watching him so excited on each new step. How cool!

One of my favourites when it was all done. After the last step the rocks are pollished and now stay shiny, they looked gorgeous!
I liked this one, too.
The whole she-bang.
Joshua has a very generous heart and this is partly why we wanted to get him something like this, so he could make gifts. It was his Nanny's birthday and he wanted to give her something special. I asked him what rock he wanted to use and of course, he picked his little red and white one, his favourite. I almost told him that we should keep it in his collection because he loved it so much but I couldn't damper his excitment like that. There are all kinds of jewlery settings and things that came with the tumbler kit. Joshua wanted to make his Nanny a ring. So this is the finished product balancing in a chunk of playdough while the glue dries. How special to be able to make his own gifts to give to family and friends.
Some of the rocks all fiished. It has been a long post, hopefully you all enjoyed it. Each time we do more rocks I will give you a before and after pick. Not the play by play. Have a great day... off to spring clean.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello... anybody here??? Oh, here I am!

Hi all! I know I am totally slacking at posting, I don't know what took the wind out of my sails. Well, probably when Ada m said no one would read the blog if I posted so much! Some days now I almost forget we have a blog! I have a back log of pictures on the camera. I have been scared to upload them because last time I tried it ended up the computer kinda crapped out for a while so I thought that I would let Adam. He hasn't done it obviously. So, there are rock tumbling pictures to come soon and we are only a few days away from the finished product! I am excited! I have other pictures too but I don't know if they have any interest value so I will see when they are uploaded.

Speaking of uploading, or should I say downloading? I layed on the couch tonight and watched overboard. I just love that movie. Yes I know it is not overly moral, but better than a lot! And it makes me laugh and cry and what more could you want in a movie! So, when it was done I thought I better go to the basement and do a load of laundry. I hate getting behind and I was on the last load so, off I went. The dog was snuggled up, sleeping on the couch. I finished the laundry and then came up to check my email before bed and possibly do this. Sat down and it smelled really bad. I always have a complex about my house smelling bad because our carpet is about 2 years overdue on getting ripped out and there is just never enough money to replace it so I think that everything around here stinks. This time it actually stunk. So I got up to see where the smell was coming from and... you guessed it, right beside the chair, now... right under my heal! ARG!!! It was far to warm to be old! The dog knew right away as he jumped off the couch and crawled into his little kennel. Cleaned my foot, cleaned the carpet and there is just one more spot I feel like cutting out and throwing away. This dog better not wake up during tonight, sometimes I think, well, the poor little guy, he must have to do a number 2 and that would be horrible to have to wait. Not tonight, he is gone... now I better get a good night sleep.

Look forward to rock tumbling photos in the days to come.

Night night all!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I actually read a book, and loved it!

So, a friends of mine recommended that I might read The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver. I have read very few books in my life even though I do love the idea of reading but find it too time consuming most of the time. Anyway, I finished this book in 4 days, yes that is a record. What a great book. There is a little bit of bad language in it which is not a big deal to me but may bother some so I am just saying that in case you read this and think you may want to check out the book. I am not going to say anything about it because I know a couple people who were thinking about reading it and I wouldn't want to spoil it. Great story though! And there is a sequel which I will be searching out soon.

Hope all you are having a warm and cozy night. There is a blizzard going on tonight so I have stayed indoors. Cooked a lovely meal and shared it with Joel as the rest of my family was at a birthday party and eating hot dogs. Joel was very appreciative about the yummy meal! God bless you all!

Yeah okay, could it get more snowy?!

So, I was thinking, there must be something subconcious that says that when it is cold outside, the house can never be warm enough! What a blizzard out there. I am freezing! Although it is nice and toasty in the house. Maybe just thinking about my love walking to work in this is making me feel cold. What were you thinking, Babe? Prime day to take the van! You are so good to me. I am going to try to convince you to let me pick you up. BRRRRR!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's a thought...

Could I be any more blessed???

I am so amazed at the school my child attends. It is absolutely awesome! The teachers are great, he has a lot of great friends, they learn more about God than I ever would have expected, he is pushed to learn at an excelled rate because the teachers know he can, and he loves it more than I ever knew a kid could love school, even for kindergarten. I don't ever want to pass this up.

Tonight I went to a "town hall meeting" there. It was so encouraging, fun and informative. It was financial stuff we were discussing mostly and I was expecting it to be pretty dry but we shared a lot of laughs together. I just don't know that I could have even imagined such a great school atmosphere and so far, the acedemics far outweigh anything I have seen or experienced. Thank You God for the great opportunity to allow my children to attend here! What a blessing!

Have a great night all!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All I can say is, what cute kids!!!

Annabelle and Gabe, they had lots of gret play time as they are so close in age.

And you would think we never fed them! haha
There is a fine group of lovelies! I just can't get over Annabelle holding Tristan, I think he is bigger than her now. So sweet memories. I am so glad all our babies are growing up together!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Learning and confusion

Annabelle has taken a little longer being able to hold her pencil and pen properly so I have only just now really started teaching her about writting and letters and such. I feel like I have so much to make up for! Her name will take us a little longer to master as it is quite long but she has already got the spelling memorized! Now just practicing printing it nicely.

Today she brought me this peice of paper with her name written on it. I wrote under it after to help her out. Joshua did this for a while too and it absolutely amazes me that it happens. It was completely backwards. Then I wrote for her and under that is her corrected writing with the "A" that she forgot in there as well.

So here is the very same picture in the mirror! Perfect!!! So funny. I wonder what causes this. Joshua did the same at the same age. Now he writes fine, the odd backwards letter but other than that, totally proper.
Here is the pass time for the last couple days. The kids have been loving the train set. I am glad I brought them out again. The kids can finally put them together almost completely by themselves, so nice!
Hope your days are going well! God bless.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A month of love!

Well, February. What can I say? What a month of Love! No, not just Valentine's Day but better yet, the month that I married my love, the man of my dreams and the man who took me to be his bride, faults and all, immaturity and all and trusted God that I was best for him. February 17th... 7 years ago, what a wonderful day! The years pass and we watch each other grow and each day is better than the last and each moment more memorable. The days of growing old together are such a cherished thought in my mind. I wouldn't trade this union for anything. What a wonderful thing God made when he made marriage.

Mat 19:6
So that they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

A song that always makes me think of me and Adam.


In case you were wondering if Guitar Hero is addictive... check out my bro in law's face!

Have a great night!

Welcome home Gwen!