Thursday, April 02, 2009


I went to the eye doc today because early this year I was having some serious dizziness and the doctor recommended an eye exam. Turned out that the dizziness was all because I had an inner ear infection and soon cleared up. But I had already made the eye appointment and thought that I might as well get checked out.

When I was around 16 years old I was told by an optometrist that I needed reading glasses. I got them and then found that my sight seemed more strained with them than without. So I wore them off and on for a couple years and stopped. But I have kept them just in case. I took them in with me today and the eye doc said that this prescription is quite off for my eyes now, but she can't say if it was proper so many years ago. I went through all the different tests and I was noticing that my left eye sure doesn't focus as quickly and I had to really strain on a lot of the tests because of that.

The outcome of the eye doctor visit is that I have pretty close to 20 20 vision but I am slightly far sighted which means I will have a hard time seeing things close up (reading, computer and such) and I have astigmatism in my left eye which means my eye is oval shaped. This I think was what will affect my night vision while driving, double vision which I often get when I am tired and cause me to tire very easily when I am watching movies or reading and such. This explains a little of why I have had to struggle to read for long periods of time. Otherwise my vision is good and my eyes are in good shape.

The optometrist says that I don't have to get glasses. I can live without them but as I get older she says that I will notice more and more the problems my eyes have. She recommends me to get glasses just to wear at night, in dim light and reading books or computers. I am going to call our medical plan through Adam's work and see how much we are covered for these things. Then if we are covered enough I will probably get them, even if Adam thinks I look like a nerd in glasses! ha ha When we tried out the prescription in the office I couldn't believe how everything came totally clear immediately instead of fuzzing and then coming clear. How "eye opening"! And I got my pupils dilated so it is very hard to see what I am typing.

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