Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter weekend fun

When Joshua got his report card before spring break (which was just awesome!) the school sent home this idea for something to do with kids for Easter. I thought that it was just wonderful and so we did it! Making special Easter cookies. Most people who read my blog know that we try to teach the kids the true meaning of the holidays. We don't mind incorporating other stuff in as long as the most prominent thing in all about Jesus! The reason for this season for sure!!! I have postponed this post for a few days trying to find my paper that had all the verses on it but to no avail. So I will share the ideas but I read out all the verses and talked about each bit of it with the kids. They loved it.

We talked about Jesus body being beaten for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. And the kids beat wildly on this pecans to make them crushed for the cookies.

The finished nuts
We put in the bowl a little vinegar. I told the kids about when Jesus was on the cross and asked for a drink they would hold a sponge soaked in vinegar up for him to drink. Then we added salt which was to represent the salty tears that the people watching the Crucifixion shed. Then the egg white which were for life. The life Jesus was giving up so that we may have life! I asked the kids if it seemed like yummy cookies, of course they got to taste the salt and the vinegar. They all said no!
So then I told them about the sweetest part, that through Jesus death we had the gift of eternal life. we read John 3:16 and a couple more about God's love for us. And then added the sugar.

The waiting begins. We had to beat this stuff for about 15 minutes so I told the kids they could go and play while Nana and I whipped it up and then we would call them. There was no way they would leave! ha ha I beat it for about 11 minutes which I think I should have done just a little longer but the worked out okay.

what a handsome boy!
The stiff peaks

Alex added the nuts as the cookies are not right unless everything was added just as Christ's death would not have been so meaningful if all the aspects were not a part of it.

Cookies on the sheet. I think that they were supposed to be a little taller but that is okay
Putting them in the stove. We told the kids about how Christ was taken down off the cross and was placed in the tomb.
Then we explained to the kids that the rock was rolled in front of the tomb and it was sealed so we sealed the oven, with tape. I told the kids that we couldn't eat the cookies till the morning and that even though it is hard to wait it was a reminder of how all the people who loved Jesus felt when he went in the tomb. we talked about them grieving. Then we left the oven.

And I stood guard all night! ha ha
The kids went to bed with hopeful anticipation of seeing their cookies in the morning. Went and cleaned up and headed to bed. First thing in the morning they came down and asked about the cookies. They took the tape off to unseal the oven and I took the cookies out.
So the idea was that when they bite into the cookies, the cookies are hollow and then we tell them about how when the people came to the tomb to see Jesus, it was EMPTY! Yes, he was risen!
The cookies were so yummy. Not as hollow as I would have liked. I believe that if I beat them longer they would have been taller and more hollow, but we got the point across and it was a lot of fun. Especially having my nephews here to share in the excitement!
A typical Joel face.

Then, Easter Sunday we went to church while my bro in law went to Ferry Island to set up a fabulous Easter egg hunt for the kids! And he had the fire ready for a great wiener roast also! We got there after church and ate and then the fun began!
Handing out cups for the collecting
A little of the action
Each kid got one of these that were hidden in the trees

Showing Auntie the Easter eggs!
Enjoying a "little" chocolate!
Sorting like always
And a little of the sugar kicking in! ha ha

Then, low and behold, a truck comes in and parks and it is my bro in law's brother and girlfriend! My nephews haven't seen them since they left Ft SJ about a month ago and were so excited to visit!
Annabelle sucking on chocolate
Mark and Eric
Jess and Alex
A little gross by the end of the day. That is BBQ sauce, mustard, chocolate, dirt and charcoal! Always a lady to me!
Sharing chips. Eric and Belle
Alex giving a little attitude.
What a great time. Thank God for great family, cool kids and holidays that are truly worth celebrating!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Worthy Cause!

If you want to give to a worthy cause then please check out Gwen's blog! What a cool way to fundraise. If you can't afford to buy anything, then you can help out by praying!

This is truly the heart of this family. There are all sorts of great little nic knacks and any profit goes towards bringing Gwen and family's 2 little ones home to them. Even though it will be a long process I just can't wait to meet them!
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."
1 John 5:14


Some people know that I have said "I am not the strongest reader". That has been okay by me and up until I married Adam it never even really phased me. I didn't mind that I never actually finished books that I did reports on, as long as I passed English I was happy! I do remember actually reading to the end Cowboys Don't Cry in school and then a book I did a report on in grade 11 called The Undying Fire by HG Wells. Other than that I never really read and when I would, I would get through the first few pages, put the book down and never really pick it back up. I have always loved to buy books though. Not the best hobby for someone who doesn't read. A lot of books pointlessly taking up space and needing to be dusted. All this has probably contributed to the fact that I have read bits and pieces of the Bible but never really sat down and read the whole thing over any amount of time. I do read it and love it when I do but it is just not often and not much. This always made me a little angry but not angry enough to do something about it.

My mom is a reader, so is my sister. I always thought that that would be nice but then I realized how much time I would have to devote to it and all of a sudden it didn't seem so great. Then I married Adam who is a reader. He loves it and would read 12 hours a day if he could, with a cup of coffee in hand and then sleep the rest! So, I started to think, maybe there is something with this whole reading thing. People seem to like it, they don't even seem to mind wasting their lives on it. Maybe it is time I give this another shot. And then I started to make new years resolutions of a sort. I did this every year for the last 3. I would read a book every month. Just one a month, how hard could that be. But, after 2 years went by and I never got through even one book I had all but given up. This year I did the same resolution and pretty well resolved I would fail again so I didn't tell anyone of it. January passed, no book read and I saw the failure pretty clear!

February rolled around and a good friend recommended I read a book called The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver.

So I walked myself into the library and picked it up. I thought, I better start right away or I will forget that I need to read this thing. I set a time limit, by the end of February and much to my amazement I actually started reading and got through a good portion of it in one sitting. I started feeling a little encouraged and continued on. Within 4 days I had finished the book! I couldn't believe it. It was not a small feat for me. This was the first book I had finished in over 10 years! And I enjoyed the story. You can't imagine how I felt like I was invincible in the way of reading, no one could stop me now!

Next thing I chose to read The Epic by John Eldredge
which was actually my choice as my January read and I had picked it because it was short and I would be able to finish it without an issue but I didn't till February. I got through it in a few more days... now I was caught up with my goal! Wowzers! I was so excited. Then I took a break from reading, scary thought!

The other day Adam and I sorted and purged our books in our ever growing collection in the basement and low and behold I was excited to read again. Looking at all the book I had bought over the years and never even picked up but always wanted to, I grabbed one I knew I would enjoy... SeinLanguage by none other than Jerry Seinfeld himself!
I happen to be a huge fan of Seinfeld's humour. Well, I have been reading it for the past 4 days and finished tonight. Some of it I was in tears laughing so hard. So, I have finished my March read! Yay!

My friend Gwen and her hubby are going to be adopting children from Ethiopia! It just happens that my bro in law, Andrew spent time in Ethiopia on missions and had sent us books from the places he had travelled. I came across this one, Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia by Kay Bascom.
Because of the interest in Ethiopia as of late I thought, I am going to read this thing! Started it tonight and it is great so far.

I must say, I am starting to see the "point" now in reading. It is starting to make a lot more sense. And I think I am more relaxed these days, just taking that time for myself to sit with a good book.

Next on the list... I would like to read the whole bible in the next year. We will see how it goes. I have always wanted to but it is only now that I see, I was not a poor reader, I just wasn't a reader and that makes all the difference in the world. If you never read, it is very difficult to get through books.

I am proud to say, I didn't give up and my goal for 2008 just may happen yet! Happy reading and God bless!