Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Library and school

I headed to the library today with Joel which is always enjoyable. I wanted to mention to anyone who would like to check it out that there is a book sale going on. I picked up quite a few great kids books for my beauties for $3.00. Can't beat that price.

Joel got a letter today from his, soon to be kindergarten teacher. For anyone who wanted to sign their kids up to the 2009/2010 year of school they are having a special day for all the new kindergarten students coming up mid June so register soon so your kids can be a part. It is just one hour in the classroom to meet the teacher, have a snack, hear a story and play centers. I loved it with my other kids. It really gets them used to the idea of being in the school.

Okay, not feeling so well today so I am going to go and try to get rid of this headache. I don't get them very often so it makes me feel pretty bad. Hope everyone is having a marvelous day!

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