Thursday, March 29, 2007

God is great!

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful Christmas morning I ever could have hoped for. It is only odd in that it is the day before my birthday and a little white for the spring, although I love the beauty of the winter.

Here is a sight to be seen, the summer sandbox and pool, lazily left in the yard through all of winter, the window dressings for easter up and the most snow we have seen so far this year. What a joy it is to live in a town of non stop surprizes! I happen to love it!

So I woke up this morning to a toasty house, although others had not had power since last night and most of the town was out of power for the night also. Our street was one of the only ones in town with lights on last night. My sis and Blaine spent the night on our couches as there was no heat anywhere else and thanks to the ploughs they couldn't even get into my mom's driveway! So, I got up and made Adam his coffee, Thank God for that because almost as soon as it was done the power finally went out. Adam was already at work so it must have been 8am. I was supposed to babysit but since the whole town was shut down, I am free of work today!

We decided to do a little of this,

Under some nice warm blankets and then I thought, we should pray. So, the kids and I all closed our eyes and I said a prayer for safety, and warmth, and that the lights would come on. That was at 10:45am. The
came back on by 11:00 am!

So, now I am enjoying one of these

Next to

And the kids are enjoying a little of this to celebrate...

The one time of the year I really look forward to mail I see this but...

I thank God that all this is still frozen and we are warm and snug again.

I pray we won't have to cancel the night out tomorrow night...

I remember as a kid just loving the power outages and it being such an adventure but as I get older, I get more concerned about the food going bad, the kids getting cold and such. I really thank God for taking care of us. Even if the power is only on for a couple hours, we will warm up and be ready to face the cold again. What a faithful God we serve! I just love the spring!!!


Jenny said...

Like I was saying to you on the phone, our family wouldn't survive long in a natural disaster. I couldn't even find a flashlight last night...we had no bottled water...I had 1/2 a loaf of bread...lots of frozen food...but not lots of non perishables. It certainly makes you think about survival.
I'm sure your prayers kept me safe on the road this morning. Like I said, I could see the old man's whiskers. I swear I felt the scrub against me!Thankfully no accident though!
Enjoy your electricity filled day! As soon as our power went on, we all scrambled to different parts of the house to get out power fixes. I wonder how our Grandparents survived???

Gwen said...

Char, this is a FANTASTIC post, I totally loved it. We made hot chocolate on the woodstove, and sat around reading books all day, even after the power came back on.
Although my work was still open (what's UP with that?) I called in and said I couldn't come up.... my street was completely unplowed until after 5:00 tonight, and there's no way my car could ever have made it to the corner. Horray! This was fun, but I sure hope it's the last of it for this year!

Christy said...

Great post Char! I am about to do my "crazy snowstorm" post right now!

Jenny said...

Eventhough we had a marathon phone convo this morning(early afternoon) I think you should update!!!