Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potty time!

Well, everyone who prays, start praying. I am endeavouring to potty train my last baby into a little man! Yippee. Started yesterday, pretty good day, only about 2 accidents. Today, not quite as good. More accidents than hits but we will keep going. I really think he is ready and he understands the whole thing of it so I think I will just tough out any frustration on my part and just do it! But in the meantime, as much prayer as possible would be great I am praying he catches on quick, he's a bit of a fighter when it comes to doing things I want him to.
WAHOOO... As I am typing, he came and said he peed. I felt his undies and they were a little damp but we went to the potty and he did a whole big pee on the potty. So he actually stopped himself! YAY!!! I love progress. And he is having a popsicle as a treat as they didn't have dessert anyway.


Christy said...

Praying for you Char! You had potty trained 2 already so I am sure you are the potty training queen!!

Go Joel go!

starla said...

my heart is with you char! praying for quick and easy training!

McRae's said...

Awesome Char;
Can you believe you are almost diaper free.You are in our prayers as you venture into potty training once again.You sure are such an inspiration,that is why I love reading yours and Adam's you all

DaRcI said...

Adam, since I am so slow at this whole blogging thing. Here's a link to my wedding website for more info :)
Char, You are an amazing mom, keep up the good work :) enjoy the link too.