Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Snow in March... God is so awesome!

The other day, we were just sitting at home and it was snowing like you wouldn't believe! I LOVE winter and the snow as many already know. It is my very fave time of the year. I had this great idea that we would go sledding. So, the only problem was that we didn't have any sleds. So we went down to Walmart and I figured, if they were on sale we would buy the Dora sleds. I have wanted them all season but couldn't bring myself to pay $25 a shot! So, sure enough, they were on for $12! Yay! So we bought 2. We came home and ate and then I called my mom and sis and said that we were going out to Kiti'k'shan school to sled and then to Tim Hortons for hot chocolate. They were able to come and join us so we all headed out. What a great time! I never would have thought that my mom would join in on the fun. Joel went and walked up to her and said he wanted Nana to take him down and she didn't even hesitate! So we sledded and sledded. Nice that there were some other friends out there, too with their kids. It was awesome!
Joel and Nana, ready to sled!
Mom and Annabelle, they loved the whole thing!
Joshua and Nana, Adam secretly gave them a huge push to get them going fast.
Joshua, heading down the hill. He hogged the one sled most of the night. We really should have bought more of them!

This was an awesome night.
Comfy sledding!
Annabelle helping out her bro.

There is my sis. Her feet were freezing but she still sledded!And we are ready to go! Headed off to Tim Hortons where Blaine met up with us. It was nice. The kids had their hot chocolate and we had coffee. When we first went in I brought the camera. I had good intentions to take pics of the ordeal but... forgot it in the bathroom as soon as we got there. Okay, so I totally forgot I even had it with me. We ate and drank. Then had to rush out of there as Joel started throwing up all over. I couldn't believe it! So I stripped him down and rushed to the bathroom. Got him cleaned a little and then everyone packed up and out to the van. We cleaned up the table the best we could as to not leave any grossness. He did not have the flu, just a cold and a lot of flem that had been causing this effect quite a bit. I just didn't expect it right then. Anyway, got him home and my mom came over for a little visit. then as we walked in the door, guess what I realized was missing? The very nice camera of course! I was freaking out and praying frantically. How often do we really have $500 to spend on a camera! So, I called and guess where it was, still in the bathroom exactly where I forgot it. I can't believe it still as it was really busy that night! God is so awesome and just never stops amazing me!


Jenny said...

Sounds like fun was had!
I'm glad you got your camera back!!
Your sister looks pretty stylish for a night of sledding!!
Have a great day!!

Charlene said...

she has no kids though, she is stylish all the time! I love it!

Charlene said...

she has no kids though, she is stylish all the time! I love it!

Christy said...

Looks like alot of fun! Call us next time and we might join you!

Glad you found your camera! God is good!