Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Culinary Meme

Most used gadget: It is possible my cheese grater, garlic press and veggie peeler would be tied for most used
Most used item in the whole kitchen: wooden spoon
Last time I cooked for a crowd: Stealhead dinner for the family when my sis was in town
Who had the most influence on my cooking: my Mom I would think
Most used spice: I guess garlic or dill
Favourite ice cream: Definately Breyers Maple Walnut But a close second is Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip
Coffee... ground or whole beans? Ground just for the ease of it
Peanut Butter... crunchy or smooth? Smooth
Pet peeve in someone else's kitchen: I guess 2 things, but I am not free of these peeves in my kitchen most times... clutter on the table, and crumbs underfoot. Almost impossible to avoid either though with kids around.
Too many in the freezer: Freezies. It would be too little though if I had my deepfreeze. Just waiting and waiting and waiting till I can get one again from insurance!
Wine... white or red: White, but I am not really a wine fan
Evian water? No, but we buy the walmart bottled water.
Favourite fruit: Fresh pineapple
Vegetable I hate: You know, I remember not liking parsnips as akid but I have not tasted them lately. I pretty much like all veggies.
Food mispronunciation that grinds my gears: I guess the only thing I can think of is onion, like ongion, it bugs me.
Favourite sandwich: Tim Hortons garden veggie sandwiches, love them!
Indispensable condiment: olive oil
Seafood? Yes, I am a huge fan of seafood.
Salsa... with or without cilantro? Not sure. I only buy salsa so I am not too sure what is in it. I just know I love it!
Carbs: I eat carbs whenever but I just am not big on carb filled food. I have nothing against the carbs though!

There you have it Gwen, not too interesting but, done for your reading pleasure!

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