Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The wish list

The list of wishes...

-I love baths and really nice bath stuff that smells yummy.

-Candles that smell yummy especially those Debbie Travis ones

-I love to give foot massages and always want to buy nice stuff to do them with. Like a long time ago I had this sloughing cream and peppermint lotion stuff for doing feet and I just loved it. But I can never seem to find the moolah to get any.

-As there is rarely money to buy makeup, I really need some Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation in classic ivory colour. I am running on empty.

-Jammies : comfy ones

-panties : nice but comfy

- So I got the flyer from the christian bookstore and there were a couple things that I liked in there. First, there are these cute courduroy wallets and they say words in embroidery on them, like faith, love, joy, etc. I love them and really need a new wallet.

-Inspirational key rings from treasure house

-they have these cute bags that are corduroy and reversible. I like them in the picture although I never saw them in real life yet.

-bible trivia games of all kinds

-cool tall mugs

-fancy socks

-I need silverware but it is a bit on the costly side and I want setting for 8 so I can get rid of the cheapy ones that are falling apart that I have. I want the kind that have some shiny metal and some matte, something like this

Last but not least anyone who falls into some

can pay off my


Thanks for tuning in! A bunch of my wants and a few needs. God bless!


Jenny said...

Great list Char! I love the corduroy (spelled wrong I'm sure!) bag!

McRae's said...

Loved your wish list.., it is always nice to know what to get someone.That way you know they will use it.I really like the candles fronm debbie travis.., isn't she far as things stand i will be you by the way i love the pic of yoou and adam.

Charlene said...

Jenny, I thought those looked so cute! I love purses, bags etc. and wallets too. Shoes too actually. and socks, well, actually, I am a fan of stuff in general, cause I rarely get to get any. hahaha

Tanya, We took that picture at the night in paris night at the church. I really like it. Thanks a lot. And yeah, I like a lot of the Debbie Travis stuff. It is mostly all nice. I love some of the candles because the scents are different and not too strong. Really nice!