Saturday, March 03, 2007

ipod fun

Here is Joel, here is Joel on ipod...

Well, this thing has quickly become an addictive device for every boy in my home, including the little guy. Adam downloaded some kids movies for the ipod and lets the kids watch them. It was a little alarming though, last night when Joel learned how to blast the volume. You should have seen his face! Good thing we were monitoring what he was up to!
Anyway, Adam just ordered tetris last night and so there will be even more joy being invested in this peice of machinery, much to mommy's dismay.
But it is a very cool little device!


Jenny said...

You should have titled this one, "Like Father, like son!"
Little mini-he Joel...loving the Ipod just like his daddy! too adorable!!

Stephanie said...

In Toronto you see little kids in their strollers with Ipods a lot.

Charlene said...

True Jenny. Wow, the ipod is a big hit!
Stephanie, I can not even believe that! It is crazy to think that a child can not just take a little time to think and rest, instead, it is a steady flo of music and entertainment. For my kids, it is definately a novelty! But we will make good use of it whenever we go on our next holiday!