Friday, March 16, 2007

Psalm 133 in Action

What a great time fishing with Keven!! Went out for less than an hour of fishing. Caught the dolly first and after saying "Two more casts Keven, we have to get going." BLAMM!! Boom-shack-a-lacka!! This wonderful 15lb Steelhead hit my line! I was praying the whole time I was fighting it that it wouldn't get off but truth be told it was pure joy just having this beautiful, powerful creature on my line for 5 minutes. This stealy came out of the water for the tail dance a couple of times. Rock on dudes!!! And on a small trout rod I might add!! What an awesome way to start 3 days off!! When Keven and I first got there I lost a good sized dolly and the second fish on was the dolly you see in the picture. If I got the first dolly I'd be done fishing for the day, so thank God for that first lost fish!!!


Jenny said...

That's an awesome catch you got!! My hubby will be super motivated to go out and get his own.
Way to go~!

Adam said...


SWWWEEet - When I grow up i want to be like u. A good story I told my boys. I started working at choices were Adam works and when I told My kids I startsd a new job and I work with uncle Adam, Jarred my youngest boy said dad your going to be a fisherman. I thought that was cute. After I asked my other 2 children, Aaron and Stephanie ages 12 and 15 where they thought uncle Adam worked they both said fisherman.. way 2 go Adam. Mark Brown

Gwen said...

Boom shack a lacka! It's awesome that you got to go with Keven, looks like you two had a great time. YUM!