Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yippee for family!

Some know, some don't, my wonderful sisters have been in town! So, Virginia is visiting till the end of April, then I will harrass her like you wouldn't believe to start a blog so I will know what the heck goes on in her life! So we are catching up, big time and loving every minute of it! I will be so sad to see her go when she does but here we go, enjoying it none the less!!!
So, last week I got a call from my biggest sis, Bernadette, and she said that her and her beautiful boys were going to come out for a little visit, for a week. So she says, yeah, we will be leaving here the day after tomorrow! I was so excited! So she arrived and we have had some really nice visiting. I love having sisters! It has got to be one of the best and most unique relationships. We are best friends, even in the worst of times and we can just be "girls" together, and talk and talk till we are worn out from talking! I just love it! So glad my bro in law sent Bern and the boys for this little surprise and it was so great to have a little reunion between all us girls with my mama, the origional gal! So here are a few cutie pics from the other night when I had the family over for supper. Blaine was working but showed up just after and was here for dessert. Was wonderful! I cooked half of the marvelous stealhead! And we ate it all and probably could have eaten the rest of it if I would have cooked it. So, I say again, God has blessed us, family, friends, food, and fellowship. What more could anyone ask for!
Joshua and Annabelle graciously ate on the kitchen floor to give seats for everyone else. He doesn't look any worse for wear hey?
Eric, didn't eat much but just having such a cutie at the table was such a blessing! The first day he saw Annabelle he pointed and said "cousin cutie". What a sweet little man!
There's Eric, lounging on the cat house.
Mom and Joshua playing a game of battleship on Saturday night before out visitors came over, my Gramps and Unc.
The yummy fish dinner! Bet you wish you were there! haha
Joel, enjoying his bread, that is almost all he ate, but he was happy. Nan's lap is the covetted seat at any meal! So cute.
Alex, my little Al. I can't stand his cuteness, he is wonderful and he loves to give hugs and kisses. Today when I was saying my goodbyes to him, he hugged and hugged. It was like he knew exactly what I needed, just to hold him, because it will be a few months till I can again. Look at that face, he is such a lovie babe! So, Family is one of the greatest blessings God has ever given to me and I am just so glad to have gotten together for this time together. Night all!


Jenny said...

I agree families are an amazing blessing!!! My sister is one of my best friends and it's so awesome to just "be" around her. We are completely ourselves and at times we don't even have to talk. I have a great relationship with my brother as well, even though we don't talk as often. It's just the family's awesome!!

Gwen said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I'm happy for you!