Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just random stuff going on

Well, not much to say accept this.
I went to see Jenna in the hospital the other night and was blessed with a great honor. I was able to spend the night there with her and help her with the baby. You can't imagine how wonderful it was for me. Jenna and I have not got to get to know each other much and this was a great opportunity to bond and get to know baby Isaiah. Jenna got to learn lots about me as she is a little quiet and I happen to talk a lot! haha. I can not say for sure for today because I have not seen her yet, but when I left her yesterday, she was doing great! She is starting to get the hang of the nursing and was just absolutely adoring her new little guy. We got about 4 hours of sleep and lots of nursing practise. The baby hardly cried at all and when he did, it was so cute. He is gorgeous! Thank you so much Jenna for letting me stay and trusting me to help you. You are such a blessing and so is you baby.
So, I have a few things today on the "to do list". It is wildly frustrating when I get totally unmotivated and don't do anything for a while so today is a little catch up day. First of all Adam and I have been talking about finances lately and I have realized that my, once very well done, budget is lacking these days in new additions to income and expenses, so here I go to update it. We really need to pay off some debt that is lingering before the kids are all in school. That give me 3 years but I would love to do it in 1 and a half... this is going to be quite the budget, hey hun!?
Next on the list, Tamara asked if I could tell her what I wanted for my birthday (details for party plan? email me) so I said, hey I will put it on the blog. This is funny though because I have never been so greedy sounding I think in my life! Except maybe with Adam, who I just tell what I want. So, I want to do this. Even though I know that people don't often bring gifts to adult parties, and I am the ripe old age of 26 this week, so, without expectation in the slightest, I wanted to write down a few little things that I could use or have wanted for a while. I have not actually had a party, accept a little girly get together last year for my 25th. So when my good and faithful friend, Jenny (whose blog is now not for public veiw, hence the no link) brought it up at cell last week for all to know, I was so ficken excited! (I use the word fricken here, just to make my bro in law Andrew laugh at the substitution!) So, we planned, and I can't wait!
Okay, so last on the list, after my much needed list of wants, will be... drum roll please........... Getting crap together for my taxes. Yippee, in the most sarcastic voice possible. If you know of our basement situation, and that all my nicely filed tax stuff was jammed into my room in some obscure place, then we got more which is unfiled in all kinds of places, you can probably understand about half of the frustration and work I am facing! So, this is by far, the most unwanted on my list, but I will update this as I go.
Hope you feel better in this day just knowing that I am facing this much work, and you are not! haha
God bless everyone!

Update... My mom is here and wants a walk! Yay, something to procrastinate a little, it will insprire me to get my butt in gear when I get home!


Jenny said...

Yay budgets!!! I have to say I am a huge fan of doing a budget. Yes I am strange,but really they work like a "Hot damn!"
Looking forward to your Birthday celebration...Scott even promised not to phone!!Ha ha!!

Tamara said...

Wait a set....I don't see a "wish list" Char! lol

McRae's said...

wow you know how to do budgets and stick to them.., any advice for me??love you char

Charlene said...

Jenny, I love budgets, too. I would love them more if there was money to save after the budget is done, but the time will come!

Tamara, there is the to do list, just took me a day!

Tanya, I do budgeting and am pretty good at keeping to them but I am trying to figure out a little more strict one this time to get our debt paid off so it will be a little more tough.