Friday, April 06, 2007

Just a little update, since I have become a blog slacker and I am not proud of it

I am not proof reading this thing because I have to go so pardon any errors. Thanks all.
I was so excited to see a new comment on my blog as I have not seen any since, well, that snowy day... hahaha. So this one is for Jenny, always making sure I am awake in blogland.
I have had such a crazy couple weeks. It has been wearing me down, big time but, God has come to the rescue as I had asked Him and has helped releave the pressure. Well, the day came for our mortgage renewal. Couldn't believe it when we went and got bi weekly instead of monthly payments and uped our payment per month just a little bit. It changed our mortgage from 20 years left to the new and oh so improved, 12 years!!! That was the beginning of the relax starting.
The basement, still up in the air, was stressing me out big time yesterday. So, I told Jenny, I am starting to get pretty down about it. Just after her and I got off the phone there was a knock at the door. It was the building maintenance manager of the strata just stopping by to tell me that he should be able to get a guy in soon to look at the cracks, and that he had a roffer fixing our soffets (sp? no idea) This has been in need of fixing for far too long so needless to say... Thank God, as I have not even been able to think about that since the basement issues. My spirit was lifted a bit and I decided to call the insurance agent and sort out some missing money and ask some questions, like, when all the rest of the stuff is leaving my basement so I can get my brand new washer, dryer and deepfreeze in, yet another blessing just yesterday, the money come from the insurance for that. He said, call Hydramist, so, I did because I was on a roll! Called and asked about some money that was missing... well charged to me and was not all supposed to be. You see, my mom and I worked our buts off to get all our stuff labelled and baged in our basement to save the Hydramist guys some work. After all, it is my stuff and I consider it my responsibility so, I told him we would do that. He said, oh great and I will pay you for your time by taking it off your $500 deductable. So I was extatic. Between the 2 of us we put in about 20 hours! But I was charged the full deductable which left me short for the purchase of the washer dryer, etc. So the guy from Hydramist was apologetic and said that they usually would charge him the deductable and I would pay him so he was not aware that I was chared, so he ran over with a check for $300! That was way more than I thought that they would pay us! $15 an hour! So that rocks! And they are coming Monday to grab the rest of the stuff to go to the dump! Then I am supposed to get a new utility sink and get Aqua to come and fix a leak, caused from workers in the basement, and install a new sink. Then get my washer and dryer, etc delivered. Although we still don't have a floor, I can not even imagine having the relief of doing my own laundry again. On top of that they are paying us back for all the money we payed my mom for soing our laundry. She mostly did it as a favour so it was not much but I wanted to try to cover her Hydro costs at least.
So, I woke up this morning with a huge weight lifted and a bright day ahead. Thank God for things getting worked out and things being on their way.
This is probably a pratty boring post as it is just life, but I will post more soon. We are having a big family fondue for Easter and my sis and I are planning it today. I need to go and get ready. Picks from the birthday to come, although I hardly took any, accept the food of course. Here is one pic to show off how bored some people get. We saw this as we waited at the Mohalk for people getting slushies after supper on my birthday. The water was dripping from the drain pipe into the cup with a little whole in it for the straws and then draining out the straws, and then onto the ground. Pretty inventive people in our town hey??? Hahaha


Laney said...

lol... that picture is too funny, guess someone got annoyed at getting splashed in the face while they were trying to talk on the phone... glad that everything is starting to fall into place for you with the basement and stuff.

McRae's said...

Wow what a relief,you are almost there.That is amazing how by going bi-weekly with your mortgage you only have 12 years left.If you need help with laundry i am pretty much grounded to my house and wouldn't mind doing it for you or have you come over to do it and we could have tea.Sorry i couldn't make it to your birthday dinner,but like i said you and miss you guys