Saturday, December 02, 2006

2 and a little blue

Well, time marches on!!! My little boy turned 2 a couple weeks ago. I am running so behind on posting. Anyway, I posted all the gifts but the one I didn't was that my mom pitched in a chunk of the money we needed to buy Joel a new matress for bunk beds that we bought for $30 off a friend's mom. We needed something because Joel didn't seem to be doing that well in his crib. Thanks so much mom for giving towards that. Joel came with me and my mom to pick the matress and it is very comfy. Ever since we put him in the bottom bunk bed he has almost every night been sleeping through the night!!! Thank God as he has never really slept on his own or through the night. So as we decided it was time for the crib to go, it was a happy/sad time for me. I couldn't help but reminise about laying each of my precious blessings in that crib and setting it up for my first little bundle. I was given it by a girl who worked at wedges when I was working at Tim Hortons and she was just so excited I would have a baby. She would feel my belly every day and make me show her my bare belly so she could see how big I was. I loved the attention at a really lonely job as I was working at the mall. One day she just mentioned this crib and she said that she had been saving it for when she would have a baby but she didn't see that happening in the near future. She gave me the crib and 2 weeks later she found out she was pregnant. I asked her if she wanted the crib and she said no, that she had given it to me and she wasn't worried at all about a crib. What a blessing she was to us as we had no money at the time. I cried a couple tears as I packed it all up. It is funny, I am ready to move on but it is still hard to admit that they are growing up. Hard to believe that Joshua will be 5 soon and will start school in the next school year. He is still my baby to me. God has surely blessed me. I love my Joely so much and I am so glad to have celebrated this passing year with so many of my close friends and family. What a great time! Thanks everyone for coming and blessing my little boy!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how fast children grow up!
Glad to hear Joel had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Charlene said...

Thanks Jenny, it really is amazing.