Thursday, November 08, 2007

One of my fave times of the day!

Whatever it is about mail time really makes me happy. I could check my box 15 times before there is anything in there. A little obsessed. Adam says I need to cut back and just wait patiently. Sometimes I jump in the tub just to make time go by faster... Okay, I am going to check again. You never know when someone might send something!


joni said...

are you talking snail mail? or email..??

i love all mail..but snail mail is still my favorite.. but i know when my mail lady comes before that is futile ...but i share the anticipation.

hehe funny post char. 15 times a day? jump in the tub?, maybe a tad obsessed..*smile*

starla said...

i love mail as well but lately its making me feel old and poor....i need something fun to come in the mail for once instead of just bills and credit card offers!!! i need my mom to send a parcel or something!!!

Jenny said...

A wee bit of OCD?
I guess I should send you your Christmas card then!

Charlene said...

Yes, it is a real problem as far as normallness goes. My mail lady does come close to the same time each day but then the odd time she will be 30 minutes early, or more often than that, like 3 hours late. Those days are the worst! Only snail mail gets me this excited. Email, usually I only get even remotely hyped up when someone from out of town, Andrew, my sister email me. Other than that, I am normal about email. Oh look, I got an email. hmmm not about the mail box though, Oh hold on, the mail lady is coming up the walk way! And then the worst, no mail days. Today was one of those.

DaRcI said...

Lately I've been waiting on the Purolator lady to call! Right now I'm waiting for snowball candles.