Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A blessing among blessings

As I have said before, mail time is one of the very best times of the day! So, today was like every other day with my excitement. But a little different in the outcome.

Many know how very close I am to my sis Henny. She is such a wonderful friend and has been much more than that in my life. So, as we went over the finances it was quite hard but we decided that the whole family can not go to her wedding as we had origionally planned. The kids were heart broken at first till I told them that I will take lots of pictures and then we will go see Auntie Hen and Uncle Nathan in the spring time when we have a little more money.

Adam said that being as she is such a close friend we will for sure regret it if no one goes because we want to support her in her decision which we whole heatedly agree with and I of course, agreed. So, he gave me the release to go and took the days off as lieu days to take care of the kids. I will go with my mom and another girlfriend which will reduce the cost by about $400! So, although still tight, it is feasible. I am so excited to go!

Back to the mail. I jumped up to the bitter cold to check the mail and what was there? An envelope with our names on it... inside, a paper that said "For your trip to Henny's wedding". And some cash. I am amazed at God's faithfulness! And some one's obedience to God's voice. I was just praying yesterday that God would please provide as I was starting to get quite worried about the whole thing.

As I sit here drinking my egg nog and dreaming of the day that money will not be so tight I pray for blessing on the person who opened their heart to us today. Understanding our need and not judging us but loving us through this very kind act. May God bless you, whomever you are. You can't imaging how thankful I am.
If it is someone who has never read this blog. I am praying for you anyway, for a special blessing on you.

God bless everyone. What a fine day it is in the Lord today!


Jen said...

That happened to us a little while ago too - we opened our mail box and found $1000 in CASH in an envelope with our names on it. We have no idea who it's from.

Isn't God cool?

Gwen said...

God is faithful!

Tanya said...

Amazing...God is good! Enjoy your trip Char!

Charlene said...

He is amazing and what a blessing the trip was! Thanks ladies!