Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Joel... 3 years!

Absolutely unbelievable! I am a mom of kids now, no more babies! So exciting! 2 more years and they will all be in school. I don't know what I will do with myself! well, we had a little party for Joel in the day time and then had family over in the evening. Quite a nice day. Here are some pictures to share in the day!

Frog cake. Joel wanted a froggy birthday.
Helping daddy blow up balloons
Joel and Daddy. Adam wanted them both showing off their fake tattoos. Joel tried but you can't see it.
Joshua, starting to party!
Friends arriving
Joel's tattoos
Having pizza and pop. Yum.
Oscar... cute!
Joel and Shawn his buddy
This is sad and the only pic I got on Tristan. He was still sick and just couldn't handle being away from mommy and Daddy so Chris came and got him. I felt so bad for him.

Penny drop
Me and my baby!
Pin the tail on the donkey
No bad hey?
Joel opening a gift that Joshua had wrapped up for him. It was a bunch of stuff from Joshua's room. So sweet. He sure loves his brother.

Ninja turtle! Fun fun
And transformers. Joel is a big fan of the bad guys and the guns!
Motorcycles, one of his favourite things in the world.
The Lightning McQueen from Tristan.

Family. Love it!
Cake time

Boys eating cake, they each picked their favourite frog.
Adam and I got Joel a Harley model. Adam and Joel did it together when I took the other 2 to swim lessons. It is very cool.

The mat that Mom got for Joel. So awesome. The kids love it!

Steph, breaking out the guitar
Cake for family party. Yum.
Joel, Joshua, Aaron... chowing!
Great times with family and friends. It was wonderful. Next big deal... Christmas of course! Yippee!


Christy said...

Great pics Char! The one of Tristan is so sad! My poor baby!

Love the one of Josh picking his nose too..haha! Classic!

Gwen said...

Nice tatts, I thought Adam's was real at first and I just about had a conniption at his change of heart! lol!

DaRcI said...

Joel is so adorable :)

Virginia said...

Looks like a great party. Lot's of fun!

Sharon said...

Looks like an awesome party. I love the frog theme. I never would have thought of it. Joel looks like he had fun too.

Where did you get the mat from?? It's soo cool!!
Sharon :)

Charlene said...

Christy, I felt so bad for Tristan. He handled it all as best he could though. As soon as he knew daddy was coming he had a pop and pizza, haha. He just needed to know someone was on their way.

Gwen, that would be the day hey?! Haha. He bought those just to try to trick someone into thinking he actually got one.

Darci, thanks Girl! He has really come out of himself ever since his party too. It is great! He has such a great personality now!

Virgie, it was a great time. Wish you could have been there.

Sharron, he did have a blast. We were in at the creative zone just looking around and he saw the frog stuff and wanted it so bad. It was kind of neat. Something different hey? So the mat, it is from the teaching tools store. My mom and I looked all over PG for something like it because Joel is so into he cars. Then she was told to look down at the teaching tools and sure enough... there they were. It is also a big puzzle so they can take it apart and put it back together. And you could buy more than one set and they all fit together. Pretty neat. Joel loves it!

Andrew Brown said...
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