Monday, November 26, 2007

First Frosty of the year

Here are a few pics of the first snowman of the year. The kids did it completely by themselves! And then Chee Chee knocked it down when it was done but it was great while it stood. Especially since there was really only 1-2 inches of snow, they did awesome! They even managed to put the eyes and buttons on and chose what they would be made out of too. Pretty cute, hey?!

Finishing touches
They were very proud!
And there he is! Sorry, they told me it really is a she. Cute! Enjoying the snow, the cold and everything else that is "winter"!


Virginia said...

Cute!!! Good job!

Charlene said...

Oretty good for not much snow. Can't wait till we have lots to work with. Could ba a while. It is bitter cold today!