Thursday, November 01, 2007


Firstly, here is a shot of Joshua, Halloween, still obviously sick but finally on the mend. Thanks Mom, Gwen, Andrew, Tanya, Jenny and anyone else who had a chance to think of my little man in prayer. The eyes are getting better now but as I do with any eye drops I get for the kids, I tried the new ones out and boy oh boy do the sting. But the stinging goes away after you open your eyes for about 30 seconds. So it is hard on him but at least they are doing good, not damage to his eyes. So, Annabelle and Joel are sick today but no infections or fevers. I am praying for it to stay that way.
But, although the kids were sicky, I didn't want it to come between us and the joy that God brings when we are glorifying Him on Halloween so the celebration commenced. Look at those happy kids. Who says a little sick has to stop you from smiling?!
Our book. I blogged about this last year but I must say, if you have kids and want to teach them an opposing story to this one, YIKES!!!, then this is the book for you. Adam and I love the pumpkin carving part of Halloween. The kids do, too. My mom got us this book when Joshua was only a wee one and we read it often, in season and out. But every Halloween, I bring it out for the pumpkin carving. We read it before we start so that every step of the way the kids can relate it to the story and the miracle of coming to know Christ. How, even through some painful and not so pleasant changes He helps us make, we end up shining His light out from us and spreading His joy to all who come near. It is a beautiful thing.
I didn't get the idea from this but it is a great sight to visit also and goes along with this book.
We scooped out all the seeds and gunk and it was so cute as the kids went through it to separate the seeds and they talked about the gunk as the pumpkin's sins. Ha ha. They are so sweet! I carved the pumpkin on my own but not without asking the kids how they wanted it. It was a unanimous decision to have it "exactly like the one in the book". I love that because it is a happy pumpkin, goes along with the whole idea of the book that you wouldn't have a scary pumpkin or a grumpy one. Joshua named our pumpkin Squishy, you can probably tell why. He was pleased as punch to have his hands completely covered with the squishy stuff.
Fun fun!
Squishy! Before we lit him. I forgot to get a pick of him lit up last night. We got quite a few trick or treaters so he got to share some joy around for sure!
The kids felt he was close enough. Joshua left the book out so I could copy "exactly!"
Most of the seeds separated. They were a yummy roasted snack for today!
So that is the end of the pumpkin mess, quickly cleaned up and started on the cookie mess. Yes, Joel just stayed in his jammies till about 5pm. Why did I even get him dressed?!
Starting the cookies. The kids love cutting them out.

We allowed those horrid ghosts in there, but I was so relieved when I heard Annabelle say, "I am so glad we get to have the princesses, too!" talking about the ghosts. Joshua and Joel knew what they were but I just said that it was because some people dress up like that for Halloween.
Some baked cookies ready for the coloured sugar we made. Fun fun fun!
The decorating begins.
And the the eating commences

What lovely cookies!
Mm mm, bet you want a cookie now! I pigged out. I don't normally like cookies much but these were great!
And all the while, supper was cooking away in the oven, ready just in time for my wonderful hubby to arrive. Beef stew. I loved it! Can't say the same for anyone else but boy was it great!
And the sleep on the couch is inevitable after any day of work these days... had to wake the poor guys for supper.
A great night and we finished it by watching For Whom the Bell Tolls. Long movie and we were a little disappointed by the end. Oh well, it was great just to be together and guard our home from invading crazies. No crazies came around, I would say because they couldn't stand the thought of fighting off the angels who watched over us and our home! Hope all your nights went well!


Gwen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful night! Glad to see happy smiles all around, despite a bit of sickness. The pumpkin looks fab, you are a master carver!

lovinit said...

ur such a good mom!

Shirley said...

Everything looks beautiful, and yummy, too - and I really liked the stew. I should have stayed and had supper. Love Mom xoxoxoxox

Charlene said...

Gwen, Thanks so much! It didn't take much to be the master carver of that pumpkin, the kids always go easy on me! haha

Jenna, Thanks. You will love it when Isaiah gets to the age you can do stuff like this with him. It is fun while they are babies but only gets better as they grow!

Mom, You should have stayed! I will never make it again. It was your only chance! haha