Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

It seems I will try to skate tomorrow. Haven't done that since I was a child. Hmmm, and come to think of it, when I was a child I was a horrible skater. Now, I shall teach my children how to be horrible at it, too. I look forward to this bonding time for us. But, I do not look forward to 3 children, never been on skates, hardly ever on ice of any grade, and me, a horrible skater, embarking on this adventure without my hubby by our sides. But this is the way life is when school happens to fall at the same time as work. So, I embrace the challenge and pray for the best. The school is having this 1 hour of skating. How wonderful! (no sarcasm) With the price of skating, I am just happy to have the opportunity to expose the kids to it on a skating rink. We will see if any aspiring skaters are in our midst and then I can decide if it would be anything I would like to fork out hundrens of dollars on as a sport for them. NOT BLOODY LIKELY! But you never know if there will be a talent worth the $.
Skates- in the shop at this moment being sharpened. As I drain my mastercard a little more I think, it will all be worth it to go to family skate and see my hubby and kids and I all enjoying the cold and the ice together. I would love for the kids to one day, even if they never play on teams, be able to play hockey with friends on rinks at homes, without feeling as much like an idiot on the ice as I would.
One more thing that just makes it feel like the best time of year! And a little more like Christmas is near.


Gwen said...

HA! I am the exact same on the ice. But being married to somebody who grew up in Ontario, I've learned to at least try it every year, and now I'm loving it! Don't give up!

BTW... do you need kids skates or a kids hockey helmet?

Anita said...

h'mm, i just left a comment and it said blogger was unable to complete my request... WEIRD. Now you'll probably end up with 2 very similar comments... lucky duck :)
I liked your post, it made me laugh. Its funny the things we'll put ourselves through for the sake of our children! I hope you have a great time and discover that you're all of a sudden a natural fugure skater :)

DaRcI said...

Skating on a lake is the best. Although in Terrace we rarely get prime conditions to do it. I have great memories of tromping through the snow to go skating, then coming home to apple cider.. If it ever gets cold enough, we should have a skating party!

Laney said...

I love skating with my kids! Aja is faster than I am already (and I have the stroller to help me) there is free skating once or twice a day during the week here so that is why we have gone so much, I don't know if I would have ever gone if we had to always pay for it. Now if they could only have free swimming... :-)