Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Hot Mama!!!

So, tonight was a night of great friends and fellowship. A few girls got together and in amongst conversations of all kinds we talked about our favourite songs. When I said mine, no one knew what it was so I said I would put it on the blog. This is my all time favourite secular song. There are many songs I like but this one I blast around the house when I am cleaning and try to talk myself into believing what it says is the way it is. ha ha.
So here's to you Gwen! It is definitely worth taking off your block but don't watch it with kids in the room as there is a couple short scenes that kids might not have interest in. But not too steamy for us mature ones.

Have a great night all!


DaRcI said...

I love this video, but yeah not for kids :D

Gwen said...

Oh, that is fantastic. :o

Charlene said...

Yeah, I have had inclings to take it off the blog because some people may get offended. But I opted out of that thought because I love that it is easy for me to just click on and listen to anytime I wants! haha Glad you enjoyed it gals!