Thursday, November 08, 2007

Meowww Heee, Meowww Hoooo!!!


Tanya said...'re a nutt!

Go Char, Go Char...go, go, go Char! haha!

Jenny said...

Get down with Char!!LOL

Charlene said...

I had mentioned to Adam that I didn't want this posted as I was absolutely unaware of where the camera was pointed until we watched. He didn't seem to even bat an eye at posting it though. Just so you all know, I am standing by the table making sure the kids finish their food and they always love when mama breaks into a spontaneous dance here and there. So, there is the excuse for me, here, in this.

joni said...

haha this one is better .. haha i thought that was the best part...seeing you jive in the back ground,

just what i needed this Tuesday morning (which feels like a Monday)