Saturday, April 21, 2007

New washer, dryer, deep freeze... and updates of the like

I never thought that I would be so happy about doing my own laundry! It is a blessing I can not get over today. I felt like crying just starting my first load in my brand new washer. We are so blessed, that a flood and so much distruction can result in blessing after blessing after blessing.Yes, I am frustrated that it is taking so long, but each step there is a new joy in me. I can see God's hand in it all so clearly now.
So the concrete guy came to look at the cracks in the floor and he said that the floor is just fine. That this is normal and the problem is that there is bad dranage, most people already know that about this area so I don't think I have to expain about the drainage quality in clay. So anyway, there needs nothing done to the floor, but they are probably going to have to dig all around the units that have the cracks especially and put drain rock in there as it is not done properly. These buildings were built in the late 60's I guess so the code wasn't quite as good back then :) . So, I have to wait and hear back, but in the waiting period I am pleased that he said, there is really no point in even sealing the cracks as the water will find the places that the concrete is thinest and come through anyway. He said that a lot of people try to do that because they don't have the money to deal withthe drainage problem but it is pretty much a waste of time as the water will find its easiest entry point. And if they fix the drainage issue then it will just drain away and the cracks will never be a problem! I am praying a lot in this matter as the Strata will now have to vote if they do the work or not and find where the money will come from. I just want to put my floor down again and have a basement.
I am going to go down stairs and take some pics of my new appliances. Then I will post them.
Hopefully I will have something more exciting to post soon, this is overtaking my thoughts and my life. But I did make it out for a little time at the park yesterday with Jenny which was such a blessing! I was so tired and worn out but it was just nice to go and see the kids play and get together with a friend. Sometimes I feel so house bound, I am not really though, I just need to go out more. God bless you all today.


McRae's said...

can't wait to see you new appliances,glad the waiting game is finally should come over for tea one day.miss spending time with you.

Shirley said...

Yay!!! Glad to hear the news about the cracks, lovie.

Charlene said...

Thanks Mom! I am off to take thse pics Tanya, then I will post them tonight. It is an exciting process, even with all the hassles.