Monday, April 23, 2007

The appliances from God!

It is just a reasonably simple set but brand new! And the sink too! I am so happy to have them, it is a joy like I never imagined to be able to do my laundry! Thanks to my mom's help, I didn't have to go to a laundramat while we waited but it is still so nice just to go in my own basement and do the laundry.
Deep freeze. I love it!
Nothing in it yet but I will be going shopping and stocking up this weekend. I can't wait! And we can feel free to catch lots of fish again okay Adam?!? hahaha, as if he need permission.
The box for the kids, I will make them a house that they can paint soon! They are fort kids for sure!
And an overall look at the, not so much progress. Yes, that plastic is all that goes between our place and our neighbor's house. Not cool! I am praying for the rest to go quicker than it has so far. God bless you all and have a great night. Oh yeah, and of course... the Canucks did it and I am so glad. We move on!!!


Jenny said...

Yay for new appliances!!!!

Gwen said...

Looking good, Char! Don't forget there was like a foot of water in your house only a little while ago... there's been a lot of improvement already! The new appliances look great. :)

Charlene said...

Jenny, thanks for all your call, checking in on how the basement is going. I have really been encouraged to know you care. It was nice to face the struggles of the flooding with someone else, even though I would never wish the stress on anyone!

Gwen, I totally agree! Thank you for your encouragement. I am so impressed even with the smallest things getting done. Now I can actually use the space a bit. Yippee!