Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun times with Daddy

The last couple months when Adam is asked to do sound at church, he has been walking to church. It is quite a way so he leaves early. He has really been enjoying his ipod this way and gets some extra time to himself and a bit of a work out. This week he decided to ask Joshua to go with him. I was hesitant as it is a long walk for an adult let alone a child and I was not sure that Joshua would be able to do it. But, he was so so excited that I thought that I better not step in. Adam got Joshua up at 6:30am, after he had showered and was ready.

Joshua had his breakfast,

Obviously Adam didn't fix his hat but he looks none the worse for wear. They listened to the ipod with a splitter for the headsets so they could each enjoy the music. So cute, taking a break.

On the bridge, what a cutie pie. Adam said that after the bridge Joshua said he was getting tired so Adam gave him a shoulder ride the rest of the way.

And there he is, pleased as punch as they arrived at the church. How cool! I loved it when Adam got him to give me a call when he got there. He sounded so proud. Fun times with Daddy.

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Jenny said...

That's impressive!!! Yay Joshua...and Adam!!