Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Message of the Cross

I was so blessed, being able to sit in the service today at church! Thank God for great friends who don't mind taking an off schedule turn in the nursery when the schedule just is not working out as planned. Thanks Star. Tim shared on not just the cross but really on the forgiveness and Love of Christ and the faith we are to have to enter the Kingdom of God. I am always so moved by Tim's preaching. Sitting in this sermon, I actually felt my heart remembering my First Love, Christ who won my heart years ago. I felt the excitement in me again that I so long to have all the time. It is amazing that a sermon that really is the basics of our faith, could stir my heart so intensly. It was brought across so clear how much He really did and does love me! We serve such an amazing God.

As it is Easter today, the kids and I are watching the Easter Story on video and have read the book, Miracle in the Morning, The Wonderful Story of Easter. It is beautiful, Joshua really does appreciate the whole story and he has such faith in God, it is such a picture of that child like faith that we are to have to enter the Kingdom of God. What a wonderful child God has blessed me with. Joshua told me this morning that even though he is a little bit shy about people, he wants Jesus to be proud and smile at him so he is not going to be shy to lift his hands and give himself to Jesus in worship. He told me that one of his friends said that it is weird but that he doesn't even care what people think, he is just doing it for Jesus. I say "AMEN!!!" And pray for that boldness to be in me!

We are painting Easter eggs soon and reading this book

Which is a story about 2 young children. It has the comparisson between a chick coming out of an egg and the new life of that, to Christ coming out of the tomb... RISEN, and new spiritual life. I just love it to read while painting Easter eggs so that hopefully they will know that this is why we do the Easter eggs, not because a bunny dropped them by.

I did hide easter baskets around the house with a little chocolate in them to celebrate the season, too and of course that was a huge hit! I will post tonight I hope, pics from today and our Easter fondue last night. God bless you all in however you are celebrating this awesome day worth celebrating!


Jenny said...

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family Char! You all are a blessing to me!

Charlene said...

Thanks Jenny, I hope you had a great Easter! This week will be the week for getting together I think. I have been saying it long enough, I really need to just do it! Taxes tonight! yay, can't wait to have them done!

Sharon said...

Hey Girl, Thanks for the comment on my blog. You seem to be the only one who reads it so it's encouraging to see your comments. Happy Easter to your family too.
Sharon :)

Gwen said...

Hi Char, this isn't really a comment for your blog, I just don't remember your email address! I know you're at the shower tonight, so I won't call, but YES, we are excited to come to your house for dinner tomorrow! Please let me know if we should bring something to contribute.
See you soon, Gwen