Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter celebrations

You may be catching on that our family happens to really enjoy a good fondue. As my mom has had a lot of school work to do lately and with it tax season and all she has been extra busy, so Virginia and I planned a lot of this dinner ourselves and my mom helped us prepare the food. It was very nice. Oil and cheese fondues going here.

Enjoying a nice family fellowship meal with my mom, Adam, me, Virginia, and Blaine. The kids got a rented movie and are eating in the living room which they love to do as it is quite a treat!

Then on with dessert. My uncle and Grandpa came for delectable dessert of chocolate and strawberry fondues. My sis and I made little cream puffs, minus the cream to dip in the chocolate or straberry also. So yummy!!!

Very enjoyable as you can see by this smile!
Our neighbor brought over some clothes for the kids that her kiddos have grown out of, very handy! This outfit of Annabelle's was in the bags and she has absolutely fallen in love with it! She wants to wear it everyday and needs to show the jacket and hat to as many people as possible. So cute! After church on Sunday we had lunch and then the kids looked for their easter baskets. They were so excited and sat down right away to eat and eat chocolate. I am glad I was a little conservative this year on the amount!

After that we watched the Easter story, read some books and then made these cool eggs. I had previously blown everything out of the inside of the eggs so that the kids can keep them around for a while. Then we painted them. It was then bed time and the end to a very awesome celebration of new life, and the wonderful resurection.
Just before baths, the kids needed a little colouring time in their new Easter colouring books.
The finished product of the eggs.God bless!


Christy said...

That fondue looks amazing! I am sort of a family being the Godmommy so I should be invited next time...haha...kidding of course!

Looks like you guys had fun! I love how close you guys all are!

Jenny said...

We should do a fondue poker night!
Looks like fun was had by all!

joni said...

great post Charlene....
Annabelle...what a lovely hat and jacket you now own.

Gwen said...

Char, thanks so much for having us over last night! We both had a blast, but I shamedly slunk upstairs to read my Bible before bed when we got home... haha! Next time the girls will take it! Thanks again!

Jenny said...


Stephanie said...

That shirtless picture is so cute.