Friday, October 27, 2006

Stryper - Honestly


Tanya said...

Oh my! I remember the days. My sister was totally into them, wanted to grow her hair out just like Micheal Sweet's. I remember her calendar...I think she had a few of their records as well...yes, I said records!

Great just have to laugh now adays at those "hair" bands...great music, but hilarious out fits...thanks for sharing!

starla said...

wow! good memories. I remember when we were visiting my grandparents and my dad had been out shopping. He came back to the house with a stryper cassete tape and was so excited to play it for me and my sister. We listened to them for years! thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

Charlene said...

That is so funny Star. I expected comments from Tanya and even Christy about these guys but you??? I had never even heard of them and I was really glad not to know them! hahaha. Not my favourite sound in the world but I never really went for '80's music. I know I could be condemned for that but the truth is the truth. Anyway, I am so glad you share this freakiness with Adam. hahaha Love it!