Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Joshua almost was able to touch the girrafe but got a little scared when he got close enough. We spotted, from a distance, people petting them from a bridge. Heidi and I ran with all we had, carrying Joshua, to try to get there in time. The girls petting them wouldn't move away and finally I just squeezed through and we got to see his head close up! Amazing. A little overwhelming for Joshua as I don't think that he was expecting the head to be almost as big as him so he tucked his hand in a little and then just missed patting him. I thought that it was still a great experience. Many know, but for those who don't, Joshua's all time favourite animal is the giraffe and when we first bought Pumpkin, our cat, Joshua said, "Mommy, when Punkie dies maybe we will just get a girafee". So cute! I told him to stop planning for when the cat dies, that is rude! haha Posted by Picasa

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