Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pics from my sis!

Yes, these are my gorgeous nephews. I love them and miss them so much! Alex was actually talking to me on the phone the other day. I have talked to him lots before but it was the first time he talked back. Bernadette was telling me that Eric knows almost all his colours already and his numbers to 10. And Alex loves to say ABC. I wish I could be there to watch it all.
What can I say, he is just gorgeous!
Eric is such a big boy, he loves to do this for mommy. What a sweety. I can't believe the snow!!! Yay for snowmen and snow angels!!!
Little Eric has always loved to read. I got the very special privaledge of seeing him come into this world and from the very first time I held him, I never wanted to let him go. I wish we could see each other more so he would be more used to me. Oh well, he will soon remember from visit to visit. Alex is such a smart little pumpkin and I love him so much, too. I think he likes me, too! Hehehe
This reminds me of me and Annabelle seeing the horses soon. I love getting to show the kids new things. Berna and I are a lot alike that way. What a joy.

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Jenny said...

Beautiful pics Char! It's so hard when you are far away from your nephews or nieces. I have one niece (through friend line~Shari) in this area. Our 3 nephews all live in the East Kootneys and we miss them terribly.
Thanks for sharing.