Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mom, beautiful at 51!!! I love you!

This was at my mom's birthday with the family. I love this picture. It is taken in the kitchen of her brand new place. I am so proud of her. It is beautiful and so much "her". 10 days after her actual birthday I did a house warming/ birthday party for her and invited friends. I wanted her to be more comfy in the house before doing it. It was awesome. What a blessing to have so many people come and celebrate with us! I will be taking more pics of Mom's house soon to show off. That is my mom's little brother Lloyd, better known as Unc, beside her, and my Grandpa over by the fridge. You probably all recognize the rest of them. Adam was there too, but taking the picture. Thanks Love! Posted by Picasa


Gwen said...

Oh, Char, your Mom is so wonderful. Sorry I missed the party, got stuck at work! I still have plants for her though.

Charlene said...

Go visit her anytime Gwen, she would love it! Thanks for trying anyway, and it was a great party. Don't ever feel bad as "life happens".

Andrew Brown said...

Make sure you give your Mom a big (belated!) birthday hug from me and let her know that she is GREATLY appreciated even on the other side of the globe!