Friday, October 13, 2006


Okay, well, I do not really like to complain but I have to share about the last 2 days.
Okay, yesterday was Adam's first day off after his 4 night shifts. YAY!!! He got up at 9:30 and took care (snuggled on the couch) Joel while I took Joshua and Annabelle to swim lessons. That was great because I didn't have to worry about dealing Joel being so bored while we were there. So I got home at about 12:00 noon and Adam went back to bed as he was still recovering from his nights and was up late the night before. I woke him at about 2pm and we went through some books that my mom had given to us. Then I went and visited my friend Gwen for an hour or so and dropped off a few things for her. Great visit! I love to get together with her. So then I got home and we thought that we would go out for supper at Dairy Queen and then go do a little shopping. We needed to get Annabelle a booster seat. Left Walmart and got home at about 9pm. We were going to get the kids in bed and then watch a movie. Great plan! As soon as we got home Adam's work called and he needed to go in for a night shift starting at 10pm. OKay, I was a little disappointed but, it is overtime and I know that God is providing for our needs so, off to work he went. Okay, that was all fine.
About 1 minute after he left I thought that I would go and see how the kids were. Went upstairs and there they are with broken glass all over and quite a lot of blood too! I was shocked and scared and I didn't have any idea what was happening! So, Joshua starts telling me. They took the small glass jars from the basement that I keep game pieces in and brought them upstairs. When they got up there they were playing with the stuff on Annabelle's bed and Joel decided to throw a jar off the bed (dealing with throwing right now) onto the princess table. It smashed and instead of coming to get me they decided to clean up on there own. I was so angry as they are not aloud to touch the jars, let alone take them upstairs, let alone throw, and they all know that glass is danger and if there is any danger they are to RUN to mommy and tell me. I grabbed them all and put them in the bath. I cleaned up glass and blood and washed them up. They promised that if there is danger again they will tell me. After finding that there were no serious cuts I was really angry about the whole thing. Anyway, they went to bed and I called my mama because I was really shook up by this all. I felt better after a little encouragement from mom. I put on Sister Act which always makes me feel good and then was ready for bed. As I walked up the stairs to give the kids one more kiss goodnight, I smelled something. Oh no, Joel must have pooped I thought so I went in to check. As I walked in I noticed, no not Joel, worse... the stinking cat pooped on Joshua's bed, not just on his bed though, on his FOOT!!! I was so mad! I am starting to like these cats less and less!!! So I cleaned his foot with a hot soapy cloth and put him into my bed and did the laundry.Finally time for bed. Looking forward to Adam being off the next day.
Got up this morning and came down to see Adam. He was home and on the computer with his brother. So I visited for a while and before Adam went to bed I thought, hey I should have a shower so he can watch the kids. Just as I was going up for my shower, Adam's work called. Could he work again tonight? OKay. I was a little disapponited but again, God is providing so, okay. Had a house warming/birthday party for my mom and it went great! As I was leaving I buckled the kids in and Joel started puking and puking and puking. So, I got a cloth and cleaned a little and then drove home. Brought him in, chair and all. I unbuckled him and scooped off the puke from his clothes. Stripped him down and threw him in the shower with Adam. As they were showering I thought that there was a bad smell up there so I looked around. ARG!!!! The cat had pooped on our floor in our room. Better than the bed I guess but, WHAT THE HECK!!! Come on I thought. I have had about enough of bodily fluids for this week and to top it off (I think the reason for the pooping too) Angel is in heat! And so annoying. She keeps me up at night meowing. I really wanna get her fixed and that will remedy the annoying behavior and then we could put her outside sometimes and I would hope there would not be so many "accidents" but it is a lot of money that we don't have. I know that it may sound crazy that this cat even lives in our house still but we are just not ready to get rid of her yet as she is our responsibility. So, I cleaned that up, gave Joel his bath and ran down to get Adam a snack and coffee in his thermas before work. So now I am relaxing and just reminissing. I say again ARG!!!! Anyway, thanks for letting me rant and rave. I am done and giving up on complaining for a while. Have a great night all and GOD BLESS!!!


Tanya said...
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Jenny said...

So sorry that you had a stinking bad couple of days!
I hope you and Adam find some well deserved time together!
Have a great day!

starla said...

oh char...i'm so sorry you had such a rough couple of days! Just a little reminder...your an amazing mother and doing such a wonderful job with your whole family! keep up the good work and let me know if i can come and help in any way on the tough days (or the not so tough days too). love you!

Charlene said...

Thanks ladies. As I am typing Joel just walked over to me with a hardened pile of cat puke!!!! AHHHHHH! I can't believe it! It has been a rough week but it always gets better. I love that I have so much support! Thanks again.

Pelletier Family said...

Hey Sis, reading your blog makes me feel great. You are with out a doubt one of the strongest people I know. I personally would have killed my self by now. Did I tell you that I sprained my thumb and have to lay on the couch all day? Its real hard to watch 13 hours of tv.
Ok enough already. You are doing a fantastic job as a mother and wife. Your kids are beautiful and perfect keep up the good work.
1 get rid of the cat.
2 get rid of the other cat
3 get some pills
4 go out with the girls
5 go out with the old man
6 we need problem solvers not problem finders!
7 chill
Love you your brother Rod.

Charlene said...

Thanks Roddy! That gave me a very much needed laugh! That must be tough... with the thumb and the TV and all. I hadn't heard. You will have much to do soon with the big move anyway hey?! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I have to get a filling and I know all I will want to do is come home and lay on the couch and watch TV and feel sorry for myself but... my hubby needs to sleep, the couch has laundry on it, the kids won't stop bugging and we have no channels. So I will come home and do the usual. hahaha